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Modern Vintage

To start my journey on this blog, I have pondered and pondered what to begin Seams & Sprinkles with. I think back and I remember my teachers throughout my life telling me to just start writing so there is not a blank page and it will come to you... here I am! My first thought is to speak to the first word "Seams," not literally but more in the sense of it being fashion-related.

For work today, I put together an outfit that falls into a category I like to call Modern Vintage. I am using pieces that can be found at Forever21 but still have that vintage feel. I put it together with vintage style t-strap heels that are super comfortable yet cute. I purchased the skirt on sale for $6 and the shirt for $10 at Forever21 and ordered the shoes on for $25. Being fashionable only needs to feel like a million bucks; not cost it!

As you will see as time goes on, my collection is definitely eclectic and can fit many styles as well as purposes. I look forward to sharing where I find these items and what I piece together to help inspire you in my posts.

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