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How to be the Hostess with the Mostest

Do you ever find yourself at an event or party and wonder how the hosts seem to have it together so well? They seem to be able to do it all! They refill drinks, they have everything you love somehow and they flutter from person to person throwing in the occasional joke or well thought-out life changing theory with ease. They are the type of people to make you feel at home and keep you coming back for more of that happy child-like happiness. If you wanted some tips for how to be that magical person this post is definitely for you!

Today, I want to share with you all my tips to master the art of being The Hostess with the Mostest!

Start by picking a theme. I know many people do a full theme for the whole event like Superheroes or Luau, but I am talking even simpler than that- like Taco Tuesday. Have something easy to plan your whole event around. This lets everyone coming know what to consider when contributing or dressing for the occasion and will give your guests some peace of mind so they don't show up so wound-up! We want our guests to arrive ready to have fun with us and this will keep them mellow all the way to their final destination with you! Once you have your event theme, pick a few items to fit the theme. If you are doing Taco Tuesday something as easy as a t-shirt or souvenir brought back from Mexico will help get your guests in the spirit. The main even is those tacos so you don't want to waste too much energy and ruin that!

So you have your theme, you have your "I don't want to taco about it" shirt picked out, now we need to get what the guests need upon arrival- their drinks! It is great to keep an assortment of refreshments available that both go with the theme and also ensure all guests have their favorites. If you have a particular mix like whiskey and ginger ale that pleases your crowd go for the two liter bottles to save some money! Some staples that I like to keep in stock and have always come in handy:
  • Sparkling and still bottled water- makes it so much easier to walk around and mingle!
  • Energizers like Red Bull for the people who have had to work all day- they will thank you!
  • Red and white wine- many people don't know their mood for these until they arrive.
  • Beer- can't go wrong with these especially when hosting poolside with grilled food!
  • One clear and one dark liquor. I keep vodka and whiskey on hand as those seem to be our most popular choices for our guests
After you get them in and a drink in their hand you want to get some music going to keep the awkward silences to a minimum. This will keep your guests comfortable even if you off answering the door or flipping the taco meat in the kitchen. I like to do an assortment based on the mood I want to keep the room at. If I am having a wine night with the girls I just need something casual in the background like the Lana Del Rey station on Pandora, but if you want to keep everyone pumped up you might want to give Today's Hip Hop Hits a try instead. Turn down for what? Nothing!!

So what goes well with your favorite drinks and music? Delicious appetizers! You need to tame the beasts while the main course is being prepared. I fear no one more than the hangry guest! You want these snacks to be easy to refill, portable and delicious. Chips and dip are good, but don't be afraid to add something new to the equation like a sweet and salty snack bar. Remember, you are trying to impress your guests! My most favorite appetizer accessory is the cheese platter! It has all the essentials- dairy, carbs, fruit and vegetable. Below is a photo of a recent platter I made for some of my favorite guests! Yummy, yummy in the tummy....

Finish up your tacos and get a line up going so your guests can pile on the good stuff. If you are doing something like tacos, make sure you try to get all the toppings possible. This will really make your guests feel at home. Things I would recommend for this specific theme:
  • Ground turkey for tacos- many people are trying to be healthy so help them out!
  • Sour cream or plain Greek yogurt
  • Shredded lettuce
  • Shredded cheese 
  • Tomatoes and/or salsa
  • Guacamole
  • Jalapenos
  • Variety of tortillas- soft and hard shell and/ or flour and corn
  • Rice
I also like to have a dessert for the end of the meal and also make enough for people to take home as a memento of our evening together. One of my most favorite go-to dessert items are funfetti cookies. Try not to drool too much over this visual:

So the guests are full  but the party hasn't stopped (hopefully) so now would be a great time to lounge around a fire and wind down or play some fun games. Again, easy and portable is the ideal type of game. I really like the electronic version of Catch Phrase. It is easy to pass around by the fire and gets everyone involved. This is also great as an ice breaker if you are just getting to know someone or adding some new friends to your wolf pack!

If you can plan ahead but remain flexible through the event you will always have a time to remember! Some other tips to consider throughout the whole event that will make your life easier:
  • Give your guests enough notice so they can plan accordingly. 
  • Get your shopping done early or accumulate items like cans of soda over time so you don's spend too much money at one time.
  • Clean as you go. You would hate to be up late cleaning or wake up to a mess!
  • Walk around and talk to everyone and find ways to get people a part of a cohesive conversation. Sitting around an island will really help set up this atmosphere.
  • Designate a wing-man to help monitor refills and other hostess duty. You need to go to the bathroom at some point, right?
  • Send your guests home with prepared goody bags of cookies or left overs from the night. It will help maintain your relationships because they will know you care and think of them! 
  • Lastly, always walk your guest out and make sure they leave safely. Nothing could be worse than ending the night feeling unimportant and you don't want people leaving your house that way!
I hope my cliff note version of the hostessing bible will come in handy for you. Remember, like many things, this can be mastered with practice. Try new ideas for food, themes and games to find what works for your guests so you can keep doing what they like and modify what they don't (the trainer in me talking here). Best of luck on your next event, be sure to tell me how it goes! Happy hostessing!

Revealed: March Birchbox

It has been so hard to contain my excitement long enough to try all my lovely samples in this month's Birchbox to share with you! I was debating about joining this program initially, but I figured it would be nice to sample things for a change before I spend bu-coo bucks on the large size only to find out I cannot stand the product! I think this will save me, well and my wallet, a lot of heartache! I am already jazzed up about April's box- they are Madmen themed! I am a modern vintage darling in heaven!! Let me not get too far ahead with my own anticipation and give you my thoughts on this month's box first.

Disclaimer: I have not been given any of these products, I am a Birchbox subscriber and these are all my own views and experiences. You may have different thoughts so feel free to take what I say with a grain of salt, as they say.

Okay, now that formalities are out of the way let's dive into these adorable samples!

Supergoop! Advanced Anti-Aging Eye cream SPF 37

“Eye” Loved it!
The sample was pretty small but I actually got quite a few uses out of it, maybe about a week's worth. I used it every morning after using a facial cleansing wipe and applying a daily moisturizer. I noticed an instant tightening feeling and lightening of the dark circles under my eyes over the past few days. I would definitely use this product and I am sure it would last a long time since you don’t have to use too much each morning. This is also the first product for the eyes that has had SPF for this area specifically, which makes me love it even more. I would recommend it whole-heartedly!

Davines Ol/ Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion

“Not too Shabby”
The line of products was not too bad. The smell reminded me of a mature lady perfume or a fancy bar of soap. The oil was a great sample size, I am certain it will last me a long time. I typically incorporate some type of hair oil in my daily routine and it will be nice to switch it up a bit and see how this lasts over time. So far in using it, I did notice that I had fewer frizzes and the oil was lightweight and did not make my hair look heavier.

Davines Ol/ Shampoo and Conditioner

"Not yet Convinced"
The sample shampoo and conditioner of this brand was only one use for my thick hair so I wouldn't really be able to tell the lasting effects of this product. I did not care too much for the smell but it was not unbearable. My hair did still feel lightweight and looked smooth in combination with the Beautifying Potion.

Jelly Pong Pong Glow Getter Highlighter Gel

“Versatile Product”
I think that even though this was a smaller sample it will last me a long time. A little bit really does go a long way and it lasted all day for me. I like the color and even used this as an eyeshadow replacement.

Harvey Prince Singular Scentsations Imperial Gardenia Perfume

“Simple yet Elegant”
This perfume immediately caught my eye with the Harvey Prince Logo- it has a carriage being pulled by a unicorn! I was instantly in love! The smell itself is a beautiful gardenia scent that is not too overpowering but just feminine enough. I also love how sheer it sprayed on. I loved this perfume!

Temple Spa Peace Be Still Calming Body Balm

“Instant Soothing Balm”
I really enjoyed the smell of this balm. Lavender instantly has a calming effect on me and I did feel relaxed when I put it on after getting out of the shower. I think the only setback for me is that it is not very thick. I found myself wanting this to be more of a body butter consistency for me to really love it so it would also help moisturize my skin more.

So, have I convinced you to join Birchbox and get started on your own beauty experience each month? C'mon, you deserve it! You can join for the year or request one by month- choose the option that works best for you (or your lifesaving wallet). You can start by browsing the Birchbox website and subscribing. They have both men and women boxes available. A subscription would also make a great gift idea, especially for those people who seem to have it all already!

I hope you enjoyed sharing my March Birchbox experience with me and I can tell you many more exciting things are coming soon for Seams & Sprinkles! I have been jotting down all my fun ideas in my inspirational notebook and will be sure to give my pen and paper wings to get to you.

If You Wanna Be My... Best Friend....

If you started reading this to the tune of "Wanna Be" by the Spice Girls then we are already off to a great start! I figured you always see snippets of a person here and there and you always say to yourself, "we should totally be best friends." Today, quite randomly, I am going to tell you all the reasons we are best friends or maybe reasons you hate me by the end. I cannot say I am perfectly certain how this will end!

Best Friend Minimum Qualifications:
1) We will make sugar cookies for every holiday, that I have cookie cutters for anyway!
2) We will sing every moment of our lives as if we are living in a musical.
3) At least once a week, we will eat pizza and pair it well with beer.
4) Whenever we swim we will always be mermaidens.
5) We will text our new typography illustrations to each other every five minutes.
6) Somehow all our conversations will revolve around our favorite animal, the unicorn, because we know they do exist!

7) No matter where we are or how full we are, if there is ice cream (or gelato, frozen yogurt, frozen custard or sherbert) we will be eating it! Especially if it comes in an adorable cone or delicious donut!
8) We will share pity and pain in knowing that most of the beauty products we try in an effort to look like magazine models will fail us and rob us of our hard earned money.
9) We will have pinky swore to tell each other whenever we see a sale on
10) Anything that has an adorable fruit pattern, especially watermelons, will be owned by us.

11) Dogs. Need I say more?
12) No matter what, we are always fancy party of two. Signature beverage: Champagne. The end.
13) When hanging out together we will be competing for who really is hostess with the mostest.
14) To get over the most difficult of times, we will watch Disney movies to remember that dreams really do come true.
15) To document our lives we will photo bomb the world. Not with all selfies though. Maybe you can be the friend with the longer arm to avoid that look because my limbs are lacking in that arena!

16) Anything adorably small or large will win our hearts.
17) Sprinkles are the patron saint of baking glitter. We just have that understanding.
18) Our favorite color is rainbow; I mean how could any honest person just pick one color!
19) Boyband Radio on Pandora is our "go-to" station.
20) Our form of communication is making eye contact between stuffing delicious foods into our mouth that includes, but is not limited to, cheese, cupcakes, cake pops, olives, cookies, fruits, cured meats, cake, candy bars, or whatever sounds delicious/ may be within arm's reach.

So, did we just become best friends? "Whatcha think about that? Now you know how I feel!" I am seriously never going to get that song out of my head now. So, on the scale of 1-20 how did you rate as my best friend for life?? Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better. Until next time....

Where have I been?

Wow... I could possibly be the worst blogger ever at this point! I had such a great run going with my posts and then BAM life just happened and I didn't take a breather to write down my thoughts. So I figured I better get back on the blogging horse and start by telling you a little bit about where I have been and what I have been doing.


My last post was in July and following that lovely baseball game filled with fun, fireworks and Dip n' Dots Ice Cream I went to the California State Fair. I met a new friend that just adored my modern vintage look. I told him to alpaca his bags and come home with me!

 In August, I participated in the Tough Mudder, Lake Tahoe to support the Wounded Warrior Project. This was one of the most difficult but amazing experiences I have ever had. There is so much support and camrodery you can't help but accomplish the impossible. If you are pondering attending this event I highly recommend it- just know you will be completely filthy after though!

October was a pretty busy month, but definitely one of my favorite times of the year each year. I got to celebrate my 2nd wedding anniversary, play the role of Ginger Spice in our work Halloween video competition and visit the local Safari. November was also noteworthy. My most fun but bittersweet memory was throwing a 7th birthday party for my dog Marley, well more like son! This is the first paw-ty we had for him and it was so much fun making treat bags for all his friends as well pup-cakes for the very first time. The only unfun part was knowing that he is getting older *tear*.

December, now that was the bread and butter of my year and usually always is. I always make boxes for all our family and friends for holiday gifts. I kid you not, each day I worked my 8 hours and then came home and immediately baked for another 5 hours- the WHOLE ENTIRE MONTH! This year I did try some new and delicious recipes such as homemade peanut butter cups, Mexican coffee cookies and apple bacon loaves. I also enjoyed making my usual Spiderman-styled cupcakes for my husband's birthday among all this craziness.As you can imagine, trying to get that done did not leave much time for blogging!

So here we are moving right along in 2015! It has been so amazing already, I just cannot believe it and have come to really understand how much hard work does pay off. I recently had my kitchen done and cannot wait to share the story as well as all the baking photos and recipes I have been whipping out- but that will have to wait until the show airs!! Yes, I know the suspense is killing me, too.

I look forward to more time spent actually writing and inspiring, I just hope this is a leap in the right direction.