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If You Wanna Be My... Best Friend....

If you started reading this to the tune of "Wanna Be" by the Spice Girls then we are already off to a great start! I figured you always see snippets of a person here and there and you always say to yourself, "we should totally be best friends." Today, quite randomly, I am going to tell you all the reasons we are best friends or maybe reasons you hate me by the end. I cannot say I am perfectly certain how this will end!

Best Friend Minimum Qualifications:
1) We will make sugar cookies for every holiday, that I have cookie cutters for anyway!
2) We will sing every moment of our lives as if we are living in a musical.
3) At least once a week, we will eat pizza and pair it well with beer.
4) Whenever we swim we will always be mermaidens.
5) We will text our new typography illustrations to each other every five minutes.
6) Somehow all our conversations will revolve around our favorite animal, the unicorn, because we know they do exist!

7) No matter where we are or how full we are, if there is ice cream (or gelato, frozen yogurt, frozen custard or sherbert) we will be eating it! Especially if it comes in an adorable cone or delicious donut!
8) We will share pity and pain in knowing that most of the beauty products we try in an effort to look like magazine models will fail us and rob us of our hard earned money.
9) We will have pinky swore to tell each other whenever we see a sale on
10) Anything that has an adorable fruit pattern, especially watermelons, will be owned by us.

11) Dogs. Need I say more?
12) No matter what, we are always fancy party of two. Signature beverage: Champagne. The end.
13) When hanging out together we will be competing for who really is hostess with the mostest.
14) To get over the most difficult of times, we will watch Disney movies to remember that dreams really do come true.
15) To document our lives we will photo bomb the world. Not with all selfies though. Maybe you can be the friend with the longer arm to avoid that look because my limbs are lacking in that arena!

16) Anything adorably small or large will win our hearts.
17) Sprinkles are the patron saint of baking glitter. We just have that understanding.
18) Our favorite color is rainbow; I mean how could any honest person just pick one color!
19) Boyband Radio on Pandora is our "go-to" station.
20) Our form of communication is making eye contact between stuffing delicious foods into our mouth that includes, but is not limited to, cheese, cupcakes, cake pops, olives, cookies, fruits, cured meats, cake, candy bars, or whatever sounds delicious/ may be within arm's reach.

So, did we just become best friends? "Whatcha think about that? Now you know how I feel!" I am seriously never going to get that song out of my head now. So, on the scale of 1-20 how did you rate as my best friend for life?? Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better. Until next time....


  1. This made me smile, laugh & just miss you a bunch! Love you!

    1. So glad it brought a smile to your day! Thank you for your support!! Love you :).

  2. On a scale of 1 to 20...50billion.