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Where have I been?

Wow... I could possibly be the worst blogger ever at this point! I had such a great run going with my posts and then BAM life just happened and I didn't take a breather to write down my thoughts. So I figured I better get back on the blogging horse and start by telling you a little bit about where I have been and what I have been doing.


My last post was in July and following that lovely baseball game filled with fun, fireworks and Dip n' Dots Ice Cream I went to the California State Fair. I met a new friend that just adored my modern vintage look. I told him to alpaca his bags and come home with me!

 In August, I participated in the Tough Mudder, Lake Tahoe to support the Wounded Warrior Project. This was one of the most difficult but amazing experiences I have ever had. There is so much support and camrodery you can't help but accomplish the impossible. If you are pondering attending this event I highly recommend it- just know you will be completely filthy after though!

October was a pretty busy month, but definitely one of my favorite times of the year each year. I got to celebrate my 2nd wedding anniversary, play the role of Ginger Spice in our work Halloween video competition and visit the local Safari. November was also noteworthy. My most fun but bittersweet memory was throwing a 7th birthday party for my dog Marley, well more like son! This is the first paw-ty we had for him and it was so much fun making treat bags for all his friends as well pup-cakes for the very first time. The only unfun part was knowing that he is getting older *tear*.

December, now that was the bread and butter of my year and usually always is. I always make boxes for all our family and friends for holiday gifts. I kid you not, each day I worked my 8 hours and then came home and immediately baked for another 5 hours- the WHOLE ENTIRE MONTH! This year I did try some new and delicious recipes such as homemade peanut butter cups, Mexican coffee cookies and apple bacon loaves. I also enjoyed making my usual Spiderman-styled cupcakes for my husband's birthday among all this craziness.As you can imagine, trying to get that done did not leave much time for blogging!

So here we are moving right along in 2015! It has been so amazing already, I just cannot believe it and have come to really understand how much hard work does pay off. I recently had my kitchen done and cannot wait to share the story as well as all the baking photos and recipes I have been whipping out- but that will have to wait until the show airs!! Yes, I know the suspense is killing me, too.

I look forward to more time spent actually writing and inspiring, I just hope this is a leap in the right direction.

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