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Blog Mini-Series: Stuff on a Stick Saturday!

Welcome to the final day of the mini-series: all about stuff on a stick! Are you ready for this? I know I am so let us dive into this "stickler" of a topic!

Food on the go is a national pastime in my book. Not only does it make it easier to give something delicious to your best friends, it also makes it a foogillion (food gillion!!) times cuter!  It may be our sentiments of nostalgia bringing our inner kid out to the days of lollipops, or just being an adult on the go is hard. I have made many "on a stick items" that have made me feel like the smiling person giving out lollipops as a reward to all those around me doing a great job and I am happy to share these treats with you to give you some great ideas for your next event!

Most recently for Easter, I made these Peeps on a stick. It was a very easy and cheap project for me. I got the 10 packs of peeps as well as the clear treat bags on top at the dollar store. I had on hand my collection of Easter sprinkles to add my own touch (what else would you expect from the Seams & Sprinkles lady) and I believe I got my collection of treat sticks from Walmart- seriously, make sure you hunt their baking aisles because there is gold in there sometimes! To make these treats, take apart the Peeps so they are individualized then dip them in melted chocolate or candy melts. Once you have let the excess drip off, dip them in sprinkles of your choice. Lay the Peeps on parchment paper and push the treat stick through the bottom of the Peep. Once they have dried, individually wrap them and tie with a bow. I was able to get several boxes done of these Peeps in about an hour, definitely one of my new go-to projects. I may even start making my own trays of marshmallow to use for each holiday, I am pretty sure I have just about every cookie cutter that could work! I handed them out with these little notes to make it extra-personal.

I have also made my share of cake pops! These require much more work as you bake a cake, let it cool, use a fork to crumble it then mix it with frosting. Once you have mixed it up well, you then roll them into balls, dip the stick into melted chocolate and then stick them into the rolled balls. Once you have a cookie sheet full of the balls with sticks, you must then freeze them for about a half an hour. After taking out the cookie sheet, you then dip each ball in melted chocolate or candy melts, let the excess drip off and then set it in a stand to dry, I usually use the floral Styrofoam to push the stick in from the $1 Store. Once they are dry you can individually wrap them and tie with a bow. On days where I have made these cake pops I stay up into the wee hours of the morning getting them done. Take it from me, it is a long process!! If I make these, it is usually on special request from one of my friends, otherwise, I do the modified version that takes less effort- truffles!!!

Well, the end of the final day of my blog mini-series has come. I have had so much fun working on these posts to share with you. I hope you have enjoyed this ride with me and please know there will be many more fun things to come. If you ever have any suggestions, I would love to hear from you! Stay inspired and have a sparkly day!

Blog Mini-Series: Funfetti Friday!

Bonjour, or bon appetit after you read this delicious post, and welcome to Funfetti Friday! Today I am going to share all the details of a fun and delicious cake I made for a dear friend's birthday!

To start out, I mixed up the Funfetti Batter, yes I know it is cheating, but I made it my own by substituting the oil for an equal amount of butter and the water for milk. This little tip will help these cake mixes taste more homemade when you need to grab that box mix and make something quick! Plus, my friend wanted Funfetti and I didn't want to disappoint! For this cake, I used two boxes, I will share why in a second!

To make the base of the cake, I scooped in about a half a cup of mixture into two small round baking pans and baked them for about 15 minutes or until they sprung back to the touch- who needs timers! I baked a total of 6 small rounds and let them cool. I then leveled the layers on top and cut off the outside ring of the cakes to take away the crunchy part and leave only the most moist and delicious parts! For the frosting I used a vanilla butter cream.

To assemble the cake, put some frosting on your tier or platter and lay down the first layer of cake, this will keep it in place. I then added a decent helping of frosting over the top and added another layer and repeated until all layers were stacked. I then did a quick crumb coating of the frosting around the whole cake and put it into the freezer to keep its shape.

In the meantime, I used the rest of the batter to bake ice cream cones that I cut in half to add to the cake. Start by spraying your muffin pan really well with non-stick spray. I added a scoop of batter in each muffin crevice using a scooper. Top the batter with an upside down ice cream cone and press down a bit. The batter will bake into the cone! Whoa- Funfetti magic, right?

I baked these for 15 minutes as well and let them cool. I then took a long sharp knife and cut them in half very slowly and delicately to ensure that I didn't crack any of them in the process. Who knew how much I could baby a little cone!

I then removed the cake from the freezer and added a little bit of frosting to the cut side of the cones and stuck them all around the cake, It was like watching a magical Funfetti carousel being created! I then filled in the open spaces with colored butter cream and pipped white frosting over the ice cream cones. I topped the cake and the cones with gum balls for some extra fun as well as added some more sprinkles.

I also made the fun banner on top using twine and colored paper that I glued to three long bamboo skewers. It helps make it extra special and personalized as well as give the celebrated person a little something to keep to remember their own Funfettification!

So what did I do with the rest of the cake cones you ask? I made individual ice cream cones using the rest of the white frosting and adding some more sprinkles! If you have an event, you need to make these adorable and portable treats! They keep and carry well! Just follow the instructions above and you will be the neighborhood ice cream person in no time, only better!! Please just promise me you will play Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah over a loud speaker to let me know you are approaching the neighborhood!

Thanks for joining me to get your Funfettification on! Please share with me your own Funfetti traditions so I can try those out as soon as possible! I hope you will join me tomorrow for the last day of my first blog mini-series- Stuff on a Stick Saturday. Have a very Fun[fetti] Friday, friends!

Blog Mini-Series: Thirsty Thursday!

Hello friends and happy Friday eve! The weekend is so close I can taste it, especially with this fun and fruity Floating Flamingo drink I have created for you! Thirsty Thursdays are so great with a group of your gal pals to celebrate all of your hard work throughout the week and start the initiation of the weekend fun- girls just want to have fun! That's all they really want!!!

So we all know that flamingos are classy, a little sassy and pinkspirational, right? So are these yummy drinks that will get your party started right! Grab your goodies, girlies and don't just stand there on one leg!

The Floating Flamingo
Makes 4 drinks

  • 1 lime cut into wedges
  • 6 scoops raspberry sorbet (2 per cup)
  • 1/4 bushel of mint leaves, rinsed and plucked from the stems and minced
  • 1 can of lime soda water
  • 1 cup watermelon vodka
  • Brut champagne to top glasses off with

What to do:
  • In a drink shaker, squeeze in the juice from 4 lime wedges and drop the wedges into the shaker. Add in the minced mint leaves and use a muddler to incorporate the flavors of the lime juice and mint together. 
  • Add some ice to your shaker and pour the watermelon vodka and lime soda water over the ice. Add the top of your shaker and shake well to mix.
  • Split the watermelon vodka mixture between 4 cups of your choosing, using caution not to drop in any ice. Add a fresh lime wedge into each glass.
  • Add two scoops of raspberry sorbet into each glass.
  • Top each glass with champagne and mix slightly with a straw or stirrer. (Cute straw shown below is from the $1 store!)
  • Waste away in Floating Flamingo-ville!

Enjoy floating away into flamingo paradise! Don't let anyone ruffle your feathers or stop your weekend fun! Have any fun drink ideas for summer? I could use some new ones, leave me your favorites in the comments below so I can try them out!

Tomorrow I will be showcasing a magical cake I made for Funfetti Friday, don't miss it!

Blog Mini-Series: What I Wore Wednesday!

Hello and welcome back to the blog mini-series train! Today our destination is What I Wore Wednesday- All Aboard!!

For today, I have styled a look with some of my favorite materials: denim and pleather! It is a simple and classic look with a few added splashes of extra sassy just how I like it! The shirt is a denim button-up top with white polka dots that I got at Costco (are you seeing a pattern here?). The skirt is a high-waisted pleather skirt from Forever21. I paired it with these Bamboo black flats to make it an easy outfit for on the town comfort. My bag is an adorable repurposed cigar box that looks like a fun picnic basket inside.

I decided to do simple accessorizing by adding a bright lip color for a fun pop. It is Milani Sweet Nectar. Milani has a lot of great colors and can be found at your local drugstore. I have quite the little collection of them going now. It is another affordable brand I would recommend to you! For hair, I had to have my signature curls, but I know this outfit would also be adorable with a bun! Other than that, I added small pearl earrings to tie in the colors and keep it simple and classic. My nail color is Essie No Baggage Please that was sent to me by a dear friend (thank you so much!). My last and most important accessory, is a genuine smile!


Thanks for chugging along with me today on the style express and I hope this keeps you inspired to share your style stories. Don't forget to tell me where are the good deals are, that makes me smile and smiling's my favorite! See you tomorrow for Thirsty Thursday where I will be sharing a delicious drink recipe to get you pretty in pink for summer!

Blog Mini-Series: Top Picks Tuesday!

Hello and welcome to day three [insert "On a Tuesday" here] of the week and also of my blog mini-series! Today I want to share some of the most fabulous products that I use on a daily basis and are actually inexpensive as well. I know many people call "on sale" what I consider full price still, so trust me when I say I am going to help you out, sister! Paying more for products doesn't make them better, which is why I have really enjoyed trying out items on Birchbox so much. If you like finding new things each month I would recommend it. Let's go on an affordable adventure of daily necessities shall we?

First, my new favorite mascara, E.L.F. Mineral Mascara. It is usually at Target for $3, but I can do you one better- check out your local Marshalls/ T.J. Maxx. I found this mascara there for about $2.50. I love this mascara because it works well and does not clump. My lashes are longer and fuller after using it and it comes off easy in the shower. With its mineral complex, I also think it has helped with my eyelash health and growth. I love it!

Next the quintessential tool for my eyebrows, I am really enjoying this NYX Eyebrow Pushup Bra- Lift & Draw Pencil. I got this product at CVS for around $8, but if you are hitting up Target for the mascara this product can also be found there for $7.39; every penny counts I tell you! The pencil color is great and can work with any hair color. That is a problem I have often had where the pencil is too dark or light and just makes me look all kinds of crazy. This pencil is as subtle or dramatic as you want it to be and it fills in your eyebrows with ease. After penciling in my brows, I brush them and then apply the Pushup Bra end along my brow bone and the corners of my eyes to brighten and lift my eyes. You can also use this end as concealer or over your eyelids to brighten up your eyes even more.This product has lasted me a while, too, which I really appreciate. I will need to make a run to the store myself soon as you can see!

Another one of my daily necessities is my Jan Marini Benzyol Peroxide lotion that throws me a life raft and gets me safely away from my acne issues. I love the 5% strength because it does the job without drying my skin out or making it overly oily to compensate for the dryness. I know this one is a little more expensive at around $22 on Amazon, but it seriously lasts forever! You don't need too much and it is great to apply after the shower so it does its job while you count sheep.

Lastly I want to cover something extra necessary to the daily routine- Deo for your B.O.- yes, don't forget the deodorant! I have recently discovered this Dove Toning Deodorant and got a set at Costco for about $8, love that store! Again, if you are making one Target trip you can also find it there for about $5. Since trying it, I have noticed my ingrown hairs are disappearing and it is really evening out my skin tone. I hate lifting up my arms with cave woman armpits so this has been helping me avoid that shame! It smells great and lasts all day against the additional forces of summer heat! I am glad I got a pack of them so they will last me. 

I hope you get a chance to try these products that have worked so well for me and made my routine a quick and affordable one each day! If you know of any other great and affordable products I should check out and feature in an upcoming post, please leave me a comment and share your thoughts with me. I would love to check them out!

Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for my next mini-series topic: What I wore Wednesday! It is gonna be cute, and maybe over the top; who knows! See you then!

Blog Mini-Series: My Dog Marley Monday!

Hello and welcome back for day two of my blog mini-series fun! Today we are going to be talking all about my wonderful and handsome Chocolate Lab, Marley.


It all began long, long ago. Marley was born and picked from a litter of adorable puppies seven, going on eight, years ago. To answer your question, yes he was named after the movie Marley and Me. Don't ever do that to yourself by the way, because you will never be able to watch said movie without dying inside!!!! Okay, back to the fun stuff, so it was around the merry time of Christmas and we had this cute little guy who wanted to play all day and night until it was time to go into his kennel. We were still college students at this time with jobs and barely sleeping and he would just cry and cry in there until you wanted to rip your eyeballs out. I now see why people say get a dog before you have a kid! It was worth it though, he is now trained pretty well besides his Goldilocks style of looking for every comfy spot in the house. Darn you, Marley!

In the current summer months you can find Marley frolicking through the grass at the park, eating Frosty Paws (he loves ice cream like his mom) or long diving into the pool. The rest of the time you can find him lying in the sun rays by the sliding glass door, and like most dogs, he moves with the sunlight! He also loves car rides, walks and playing with his ropes. To my dismay, he does not like snuggles, hugs or taking photos. He does, however, comfort the sad, live freely and give unconditionally- just some of the reasons I think he is the best dog EVER! Not to mention he is completely adorable, hence my obsession with photos, hugs and snuggles with him!! This skill has also landed him in a few Chocolate Lab calendars in the past few years, which I keep telling him to get a job so I think this is a good start for us! We will have to keep you posted on any calendars he is featured in *fingers crossed.* 

I hope you enjoyed getting to know my [un]huggy-bear, Marley. If you want to see more of his adventures and get your unending dose of his cuteness, follow him on Instagram @ChocolateThunderDownUnder.

I look forward to another day of fun with you tomorrow in our mini-series topic of the day: Top Picks Tuesday. I will be sharing some of my most prized products with you and I promise they don't cost a fortune. See you then!