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Blog Mini-Series: My Dog Marley Monday!

Hello and welcome back for day two of my blog mini-series fun! Today we are going to be talking all about my wonderful and handsome Chocolate Lab, Marley.


It all began long, long ago. Marley was born and picked from a litter of adorable puppies seven, going on eight, years ago. To answer your question, yes he was named after the movie Marley and Me. Don't ever do that to yourself by the way, because you will never be able to watch said movie without dying inside!!!! Okay, back to the fun stuff, so it was around the merry time of Christmas and we had this cute little guy who wanted to play all day and night until it was time to go into his kennel. We were still college students at this time with jobs and barely sleeping and he would just cry and cry in there until you wanted to rip your eyeballs out. I now see why people say get a dog before you have a kid! It was worth it though, he is now trained pretty well besides his Goldilocks style of looking for every comfy spot in the house. Darn you, Marley!

In the current summer months you can find Marley frolicking through the grass at the park, eating Frosty Paws (he loves ice cream like his mom) or long diving into the pool. The rest of the time you can find him lying in the sun rays by the sliding glass door, and like most dogs, he moves with the sunlight! He also loves car rides, walks and playing with his ropes. To my dismay, he does not like snuggles, hugs or taking photos. He does, however, comfort the sad, live freely and give unconditionally- just some of the reasons I think he is the best dog EVER! Not to mention he is completely adorable, hence my obsession with photos, hugs and snuggles with him!! This skill has also landed him in a few Chocolate Lab calendars in the past few years, which I keep telling him to get a job so I think this is a good start for us! We will have to keep you posted on any calendars he is featured in *fingers crossed.* 

I hope you enjoyed getting to know my [un]huggy-bear, Marley. If you want to see more of his adventures and get your unending dose of his cuteness, follow him on Instagram @ChocolateThunderDownUnder.

I look forward to another day of fun with you tomorrow in our mini-series topic of the day: Top Picks Tuesday. I will be sharing some of my most prized products with you and I promise they don't cost a fortune. See you then!