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Yadish Ramos Photography

I like to surround myself with the creative, crafty and inspiring types- wouldn't you agree? They help make the most mundane situations fun and keep you out of the rut of normalcy. One person who is a crafty, absorbent sponge is my dear friend, Yadish. She will do anything with me even if it is out of her comfort zone and that has helped inspire me to do so much more.

When she decided to get back into her photography and allowed me force my help on her I was beyond thrilled! The first task is brainstorming a name- if you can start anything with your name or ideal brand concept you have struck gold! So we get to thinking and she decided that she wanted her concept to be around fond, captured memories. We scour the internet for inspiration, use the thesaurus in Word until our hands bleed (metaphorically of course) and even make comical relief ideas to keep us sane in the process. Sometimes brainstorming can feel brain damaging and we don't want that.

One especially humorous idea comes to mind quite often from this day, when we started to think of Titanic amidst our brainstorming. The part of "never letting go, Jack" seemed fitting for the memories that we don't want to forget. I just wish Rose would have given me that necklace if she didn't want it! Then we joked maybe the photography business could be called Heart of the Ocean Photography and the tagline could be "We never let your memories go." I think I laughed at this until I almost peed my pants, I am glad I didn't, but it made for a time we can use as an ice breaker!  

She didn't end up going with this name of course, but instead chose to use her name and came up with Yadish Ramos Photography. I think it is very fitting as her name, Yadish, means remember or recollection and perfectly aligns with her vision of captured moments to remember! She has been working with me to keep each other motivated and getting creative projects completed and out into the world. Hooray for being sponsored by a fellow creative, self-made friend!

I asked her to share some tidbits with us so you can get to know her world of Yadish Ramos Photography a little better and this is what I uncovered:

S&S: What is your favorite type of photo and why?
YRP: My favorite types of photos are candid photos. There is something unique about candid smiles and eyes that you can’t achieve from posing. This is why I love photographing children so much. It’s unrealistic to expect a child to pose or even remotely do what I would expect them to do, so with children’s’ photography sessions, I always advise the parents to just let the kids play while we keep our distance. This way we watch the kids make the lasting memories themselves that I have been entrusted to capture.

S&S: What type of camera do you have and why did you choose it?
YRP: I wish I could say I’ve been through many different cameras and the one I use now is the best one out there. But the truth is, this is my very first camera! In 2009, my brother and I started talking about pursuing a photography “side-gig”. He did all the research (because guys will not complain about researching anything pertaining to electronics, go figure) to find out if we should be Canon advocates or Nikon advocates. After spending quite a few weeks researching and debating between the two cameras, we decided to go with the Canon Rebel T1i and I absolutely love it! I personally feel like it’s the perfect camera for a beginner that wants to pursue photography. As far as why I went with the Canon? Well…simply because I trust my brother’s judgement when it comes to electronics. I do have a guilty confession though: I don’t know if my next camera will be a newer Canon...or a Nikon…but this time, I’ll be doing the research myself before making a decision

S&S: What keeps you inspired?
YRP: In all honesty, two things inspire me the most. One, other photographers and their creativity. When I look at their work and see what they were able to create, it makes me want to challenge myself and bring out the creativity that I have in me! And two, the passion I have for making people smile and knowing that I was able to contribute to their smiles by capturing priceless moments of them and their loved ones on their special occasion.

S&S: What are your ultimate goals with your photography business?
YRP: My ultimate goal is to be a full time photographer with my own studio and team! I know I have a lot to achieve before I get there, but I’m determined to get there! Until then, I will be working on building clientele, relationships, experience and knowledge.
So far our collaborations have been the best and I have had nothing but the most positive and supportive photography sessions with her. She has listened with a patient ear to my thoughts and ideal outcomes and keeps things moving to make the most of our allotted time. I have been really impressed with the passion and dedication she has to making each photo unique and expressive to that moment in time. I have especially enjoyed seeing her family photo work- I cannot wait to have her shoot my pregnant belly (when that day comes) with flowing white gowns and flower crowns! Yadish, are you hearing me? When you schedule your session what will it be for? Please share your ideas with me so I can give them a try!

If you live in or are near the Sacramento, California area and need an affordable, versatile photographer, please get into contact with her and schedule some time to keep your memories for a lifetime and don't be like Rose and throw them into the ocean, please! I hope you have enjoyed some of my favorite moments with her throughout this post and feel the same way when you look back on your special times. Feel free to send her an e-mail or check our her Instagram feed using the links below to find out more:

Don't forget to keep inspiring, supporting and collaborating in all you do! We need more creative energy in this world to keep the dull days bright and the opportunity to savor the magic of sharing the pieces of ourselves with each other! Now, go out into the world and get your photo taken so you can always have your special moments to fondly look back on!