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Black is Such a Pretty Color, Darling!

We are just rolling right along this year, aren't we? Can you believe it is already October? I am still in shock! I am sure it has a lot to do with still being pretty darn hot here in California and no sign of beautiful fall colors from the trees that usually gets my mind jump-started into holiday mode. One thing I do know for sure is that one of my favorite holidays is just around the corner- Halloween!!

I love Halloween and always have and always will forever and ever till death do us part- too much, too literal? NEVER!! To this day, I am always excited to get all the fun and delicious candy and the chance to dress up without looking like a crazy person. We all need excuses to tell ourselves it is okay, right? I may be the only one, but that is fine by me! I have not had much time to plan this year as I normally would but so far I am really digging all the cool DIY ideas that are floating around. At this particular moment I cannot decide if I want to be a human gumball machine (really I'm a unicorn, so am I in costume already as a human?) or a cute little deer. I am leaning more towards the deer because I want a flower crown with golden antlers..... if the crown fits....wear it!!! More details to come once the final determination and creation has been made, so, stay tuned for that.

When getting ready for Halloween, you also need to get your home decor in order as well. A cool place that I stumbled upon recently to get into the Halloween spirit in a classy way is the Art No Particular Order store on Etsy.  I got the Morticia Addams October Birthday Gift Mac Art Print instant download file to put up and celebrate my Halloween flair in a classic black frame with some spider webs and little plastic spiders. It is a wonderful welcoming sign to celebrate the wonderful color of black year round. I plan to move it to my office for year round enjoyment and inspiration.

The owner of the shop, Krystal, has done an extraordinary job of combining the whimsical Halloween spirit with lots of fun pop influences. If you are in need of some cool prints to spice up your home, office or next party (yes, amazing invitations and props are there as well), head over to the shop and put in your order for instantly-downloadable happiness. Not many places can say that! You can connect with Krystal and her shop Art No Particular order on Facebook, Instagram or via e-mail.

Have a wonderful and safe Halloween and I look forward to seeing all of your creative, inventive and pun-ny creations for this magical holiday!


**Photography provided by my wonderful sponsor, Yadish Ramos Photography. **


  1. Hi Britney! Krystal is my daughter - thank you so much for sharing this post about her art! -Rick

    1. Hi Rick,

      Thank you for checking out the post and supporting both of us! Krystal is lucky to have you!!