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Never Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle, And Other Things I have Learned

Once of my favorite quotes is "Never let anyone dull your sparkle." I try my best to keep this quote in mind and never let anything ruin my day, but sometimes I find that it is not so easy! I think we all want to be some type of magical unicorn (or your spirit animal of choice) that is able to always be at your best and never stop shining. We want to say the right things all the time, be liked by everyone and have the things we have worked so hard happen for us. Well, life has other lessons in store for us, right?

I have learned that you need to just keep that focus on your sparkle and not the dull that anyone or anything can bring. One thing I have really been struggling with this aspect in is how much I seem to give and not always get the same in return. I feel like I am constantly giving and giving in all I do whether it be networking with new people, keeping in touch or offering to participate in any event I am asked to. Just typing it I feel exhausted! This certainly leads to the dull of my sparkles in my life. These activities take a lot of my energy and time and cause you to quickly get burnt out. So, the next nuggets of wisdom I have found are these other truths:

  1. It is okay (REALLY) to say no sometimes and not feel guilty about it. 
  2. You must focus on doing things because you want to and not have the expectation that others will want to give the same effort you will and be okay with it. The more I accept these things the less I feel stressed or negative about the things I do and I can really get back to enjoying the feeling of giving!
  3. Do not let others define your happiness! To put it simply, don't get caught up in comparing yourself to others and what they may have or do. Define your happiness by your own benchmarks. 
  4. When it all becomes too much, just take a break. No one says you have to throw in the towel, but perhaps a little fresh air and give you that desire to get back into the swing of things and pick up where you left off.
  5.  Stay true to yourself no matter what. Do not let anyone make you turn into a bad person. Do things you would normally do and things will all fall into place for you. Consistency is key, but also being organically your wonderful self! 

So what else can we do when someone or something has dulled our sparkles, even if for just that one instance? Leave me a note below so we can all learn from your mighty wisdom and help re-shine our sparkles when they start to get dull! Have the most wonderful holidays and I look forward to all the sparkles that await us in this new year- keep on shining my friend.

10 Things I hate About... Being Sick!

Hello there from behind the curtain of a week-long sickness! As many of you deal with I am sure, I am coping and recovering from being sick on the way back from an absolutely beautiful vay-cay. So after spending the week with my lovely sister and now brother during their wedding week in the tropical paradise of the Dominican Republic, I had been cursed with the most horrible sore throat and clogged up face the whole travel back to the good ole' US of A.

I am talking major pain here people, feel it with these hard-core adjectives! I am on a plane for endless, countless, ongoing hours with a throat that must resemble the scratched surfaces of a cat's play structure, lit on fire, then thrown in a freezer and then taken out to be hacked with a high-power saw on the inside. Yes, it was literally (not literally, but close), SO MUCH FREAKING PAIN!!! So on the way to recovery with this muck, I decided to jot down a few notes about what I hate most about being sick and why. My suffering is now your amusement... please enjoy!

  1. That thick, gross, yellowish-green snot, phlegm, whatever-it-is. I mean seriously, how does it become so gelatinous and difficult to get out? And where does it continue to come from? Make it stahhpppp! Can I also say (don't continue reading if you get easily grossed out), I hate it even more when it is too thick and heavy, much like in the game of Don't Break the Ice, and it comes out onto your hand because the tissue cannot hold it. UGGGHHHH!!!!!! And Ewwwyyy McEwwerrrson!!
  2. When you have to go to the bathroom like super, duper, uber bad because you have been too busy with other things and have not taken two seconds to go and all the sudden that's when your throat decides you need some moisture and you start having a MAJOR, non-stop cough attack. Yeah, it is not funny when you have to go to the bathroom and you barely make it there by walking cross-legged to the stalls to ensure you don't completely obliterate your dignity at work by wetting your pants like a toddler. Everyone is already looking at you, don't let them see you at your even worst moment of vulnerability by peeing your pants. It is not worth it, bro!
  3. Having a man voice or no voice at all. So you have already coughed your throat off and then your voice decides you need to go down steroid-taker's street. People look frightened when they realize it is you coming around the corner and your loved ones look at you as though they already see you as the opposite sex. My voice is just on strike, I swear I will be back to unicorn Barbie princess in no time.... I hope! Please stop looking at me with fearful pity.
  4. Your tea temperature is NEVER right. You boil the water because that is what your throat needs to be soothed. So you baby the water, get the tea bag and let it steep with all the other magical potion ingredients like honey and lemon and softly blow to let it cool or set it aside and before you know it the freaking tea is already not hot enough. Is there any way we can get it somewhere between burn your taste buds off for life and cold bathwater? It is so much work and I just want my soothing tea to take me back to the DR.
  5. In the morning, you taste the gross flavor in your mouth. You know the nighttime cold medicine is always horrible so you have that mixed with the other gunk and your breathing issues. No wonder people hide themselves in a cocoon while they are the slimy, stinky caterpillars until they are ready to emerge as a normal, not fire breath-breathing, butterfly. Not all the mouthwash in the world can save you now!
  6. Eating the same thing day in and day out for every single meal. There's only so much soup the body can take before it wants to start the next revolution because you get to the point of what is there to live for anymore? It certainly can't be soup.... again!! Don't get me wrong, I am very lucky that my husband always makes me delicious soup when I am sick that always helps me get better, I just still secretly want pizza and wine, even though I can't have it. Why God, WHYYYYY?!?!?!?
  7. Thinking, in general, is basically impossible. I know life goes on and the world does not stop spinning, but come on people. I have barely enough functionality to use the bathroom correctly. I am setting humans back to the very first computer with my sickly capabilities. Please, Mother of Pearl, yes or no questions to the sick only! Don't even waste your time with anything else unless frustration is your only goal for the day.
  8. People look at you with pure and utter disgust. Yes, I know I am sick and am carrying around the black death on my skin, breath and everything I touch! I am doing my best here to contain it, but after several days sleeping and sitting in bed you, too, would just try to do the normal routine to feel human again, only human again (any Beauty & the Beast lovers out there?). Each time you cough, sneeze, blow your nose you see the many pairs of eyes on you wishing you would just go away. Let me tell you that just plain hurts- well, not really too bad for me. I mean I totally get it and Clorox all surfaces when the sicknesses are permeating the air around me so, please feel free to do the same. Just know I cannot help it, okay! 
  9. Adulting. I CANNOT DO IT TODAY, BUDDY. They call them chores on a normal day because they are no fun. I know you don't run home to clean laundry, put things away, do dishes or make dinner but imagine getting aboard this struggle-bus when you are sick. You don't want to do anything and I have often found myself just staring at things hoping they will just be done if I stare at them long enough. There should be some fairy that will come along when you can't adult anymore. I don't need the tooth fairy or any of that nonsense, I need an I-Can't-Adult-Today-Fairy. Where is she at and when can she help get me caught up on chores so I don't have a backlog of that on top of the umpteen other things I missed while in my sickness black hole?
  10. The best for last... most hated thing while being sick is when people tell you how bad you look. So you feel bad, are barely functioning, can't adult, have bad breath to wake you like an evil song bird and have almost wet yourself while coughing and then people have the nerve to tell you how bad you look. Well no duh! I feel like crap, so of course I am bound to look like it, too. As a woman growing up in this society with all the pressures of the world on my back, please believe me I have already been hard on myself for my appearances and certainly am aware when I have bags under my eyes or jacked up hair! Just let me be, okay. Again, I am functioning with first generation computer analytical skills- slow and almost useless. I will regain function upon reboot soon. Until then, please resist the urge to even let the words fall from your open lips. Just don't. DO NOT!!!
I hope you have enjoyed the fun notes I have taken this week while in pain, distress and shear loser-dom at various stages. I, as I am getting better, do find them quite hilarious! However, during many of these moments I was one stitch away from completely losing it... that might have also been the weakened immune system talking as well. At least there were no "explosive" moments during this sickness, especially while travelling back, this time to report! PHEWWW!!!

I'd love to hear your most hilarious and funny things that you hate about being sick if you wouldn't mind sharing with me below! Take care and I catch up with you soon (I promise to stop hacking up a lung by then!). 

Spooktacular Halloween Kitchen Tour Blog Hop!

Two posts from me in one month- say what! I know, look at me being all productive. Thank goodness for partners and collaborations to help keep that healthy amount of accountability alive. Since Halloween is just around the corner, I am in the mood to keep calm and be scary on around the house. I invite you to join me on a little tour of my kitchen for this festive fall celebration.

I want to start with my favorite kitchen accessory- my chalkboard wall! It has been so fun to change this up for each holiday to create a fun little decorative drink or snack bar. I quickly searched for some fun images on Pinterest and fell in love with this one. I know I will need to find my next idea soon since Thanksgiving is already just around the corner as well! I just used regular white chalk to create this board and smuged it a little here and there to give it more of that spooky webbed look. I also added in some skulls and fake web material to add some fun without taking too much away from the board. It is nice seeing all these decorations that can be used for almost anything at the Dollar Tree!

Next, no kitchen hop can be complete without adorable cookies. I made a fun batch of sugar cookie cut outs and decorated them with lots of ghoulishly good fun. My most favorite recipe to use for sugar cookies is from All Recipes. I have been using it for years and have had great success with it. The cookies are soft, yet sturdy and keep for quite a while. I hope to make some time soon to do a little practice with royal frosting to make even better designs on these cookies, but that has been a little difficult for me! If you know a great recipe I could use, please comment below!

Next, let's head over to the little bar area. I found the cutest, most hilarious drink napkins at Marshalls that add that little extra dash of holiday sass and get your guests into the spirit. Accessories like these are usually inexpensive and really help set the mood for your guests. Even if you can't do a lot of other decor, make sure you pick up splashes of these themed accessories!

Last but not least, I simply adore my holiday kitchen towels. I have quite a collection going now and think I might be addicted to them. There are usually so many different styles to pick from it is hard to select just one! This year for Halloween, I went with "The Most Wicked Time of the Year." I thought they were still magical, in a slightly scary sort of way. I also stumbled upon a few seasonal spatulas from Wilton at Walmart and couldn't resist getting them to add to my kitchen.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing all the fun over in my kitchen for this Halloween and find some new creative ideas to make your home extra special during these holidays. Be sure to head over to Carrie's Creations next to see the next kitchen on the tour! Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful time eating, drinking and being scary this Halloween. 

Scarf it to Me!

Hi unicorn friends! I hope you have had a wonderful time easing into this fall weather and styling yourselves with fabulous layers of style. One of my favorite pieces to add to my outfits during this snuggly time is scarves! I love all the patterns, styles and options that you have with them and they sure do keep you nice and cozy.

Today I wanted to share a few different styles of a plaid blanket scarf I recently got from Zyania that has the most perfect fall colors! I hope these photos inspire you to try something a little different with a blanket scarf you have been waiting to bring out and showcase.

For the first look, I wrapped the scarf around like a poncho and secured it with a tie-around leather belt. It blends in great and makes for a great functional outfit on the go. This scarf is perfect for this look since it is so large and easy to secure!

For the next look, I tied it at the ends to create a faux double infinity look. It is really quick and I think better for days that are not too chilly so you can stay at a more comfortable temperature!

This is a blanket, key word blanket here, scarf so my last look is to use it more like a blanket! Why not! My sister Dana always brings a scarf as her carry on item to use in case she gets chilly during travels. It is such a great lightweight idea to save you space and keep you comfortable during those long days spent getting from A to B.

Now if you are like me and just adore this print and variety of options and would like to have this scarf, I invite you to check out my Instagram page @babebknee to follow the rules and enter to win. The giveaway is now open and will go until 11:59 PST Sunday, October 23rd. So don't delay, head right over there and make sure you secure your entry now!

Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you soon for more fall inspiration with my upcoming Halloween Blog Hop post. Until then....

Photos by the amazing, talented, wonderful Yadish Ramos Photography!!

And I Said, Will Everyone Please Just Shut Up!

Hello my friend and thank you so much for being willing to wait around on me to make it back to you. I would have to say the past few months have been quite the roller coaster for me in so many aspects. Now you may be wondering, "Why Unicorn Barbie Princess, what happened, are you okay, do you mean to tell me life is not perfect?" Well, just hold on by the seat of your pants because I am going to lay it all out there... on you... and it is too late to turn back now. So, without further chitty chat, we will head back to the time all the craziness of life started.

Picture this, April 2016, I am amidst keeping my blogging goals for the year furiously brainstorming, starting drafts and keeping notes of every single, AND I MEAN EVERY SINGLE, tactic to get traffic, maintain the followers... BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Each day I work my full-time job and keep my attention there for 8 hours and then come home and stress about what I am going to write, craft, create and share with the world for several other hours and after all that. Additionally, I try to still find time to go to the gym, take care of my house and spend time with my loved ones. Are you exhausted yet reading this, because in real life it was majorly burning me out in a slow, sad, lingering-death type of way. I managed to keep trucking along to make my post for my birthday and then after that it all just sort of hit the fan. (Don't worry the next paragraph is where I start to break it down.)

So after all these people are haunting me with their subscription lists, email tactics and webinars, I finally start to realize I need everyone to just shut the you-know-what-up already. I finally started unsubscribing to these people who keep telling me to go to all these engines to have mailing lists, webinars to sell and yaddiddeeddahh tips for Instagram to make it in this world. It was all way too much for me and it was not organic or who I was at all. I decided I needed a real break and to quiet all the noise that took me away from enjoying blogging and celebrating all the unique things about me that I enjoy sharing and excuse me, I DO NOT NEED TO FIND A NICHE! I really struggled with that aspect of what these professional bloggers were saying. If ambidextrous can be applied to life, then consider me that. I will not limit myself to one specific creative topic or outlet, even if that means I will never make six figures a month on webinars or whatever the latest fad is right now (I am out of touch from shutting everyone up so I don't know the current cool kid fad).

So in addition to fighting an identity crisis I had among myself and a bunch of freaking strangers, I also found out some of the most devastating news ever. My sweet, precious, darling [wo]man's best friend, Marley had cancer. When the doctor broke the news to us at the vet it was like a horrible scene out of a dramatic movie. The doctor comes in with sad eyes, makes eye contact with us and we know our hearts are about to break as she breathed in to tell us what she had found. Our first-born [dog] son had cancer that was engulfing one of his kidneys and even worse he had weeks to months to live. I continue to remember that moment because it freaking sucked and it is not fair. We did our best to give him all the best during his last weeks with us. He had treats for full meals, went on more walks, went with us wherever he could and even got to go camping for the first time. He did great and even tried to hang on for us just a bit longer until he just couldn't be stronger than us anymore and we had to let him go. We had a great eight years with him, with so many great memories, which makes it harder to say goodbye when we selfishly wish for more great times for ever and ever.

It has been two months since we told him we would see him later at the rainbow bridge, but there is not a day that goes by where I don't miss my best friend. He was the type of friend to make you laugh when you were sad, keep the house clean when things fell, up for any activity you wanted to do, but most importantly love in the most unconditional way with all of his being. I hope each day I am just a little more like him in my interactions, relationships and outlook on life.... wag more, bark less!

So, all of that should be the worst of it, but unfortunately it is not. Our water heater also had been leaking around this time and we finally realized that a few days after we lost Marley. Even better, it had been leaking into our wall and flooring. A real OH EM GEE moment. As we are trying to not only mourn the loss of our best friend but also get our adulting on to deal with this situation, we tell ourselves and each other to just keep making it through another day. It has taken time and tested us on a daily basis, but we are finally starting to wrap all this mess up and get to a point of a new normal at our house with new home updates and a quiet house without a dog.

Fast-forward to today, several months of dealing with turmoil, loss and total chaos (while still needing to work and pay bills like things are normal) and I am finally starting to get back to where I need to be. Like they say, many things just take time. I realize so many things in this very moment that I wish I could have told myself before. I want to tell you just in case you are bogged down and feeling lost, too.

First, be yourself. Don't listen to everyone's opinion of who you should be and what you should be doing, unless of course you ask them. Only you know what you have been through and why your instincts are kicking in to be a certain way. You go follow that freaking destiny of yours- it is in you! Second, when everything around you is too loud, call a time out. A great friend of mind told me it is okay to take a break when you want to quit, just don't quit and take a break and come back to things in your own time (thanks Jules!). So take a break, get refreshed and make your own rules for that destiny because there is no right way when you are writing your own story- no seriously, THERE IS NO RIGHT WAY. Third and most importantly, be selfless and love with all your being just like a dog would. People screw up and make mistakes, forgive them and be excited when they get home (don't forget to wag your tail). Life is too short to waste time and energy on that when you could be investing your time with happiness.

So now that the pendulum is not really swinging, but more in line with the universe's natural orbit, I hope you can hear more from me again like you were used to. Sure there are lots of magical, glittery moments that life has to share, but there are times like these where even unicorns get caught in a straight-up downpour from life and we need to march on through it to see the rainbow again. I hope you don't mind hearing about both from me!

So hug your dog extra tight for me and go out there and show the world who you are without any inhibitions (or total BS from anyone). Take care and feel free to share your own woes, wins and wonderful life lessons with me below!


All I Want For My Birthday Is....

A little rest and relaxation! I can certainly tell I am heading in the more mature direction, minus all the unicorns and princess stuff that might just tell you otherwise teehee! This year as I enjoy being twenty-something one last time, I am just really looking forward to taking care of myself with some quiet time and much needed pampering.

I think it is needed time for me since I have been doing lots of prepping and planning for all the people in my life that I love tons and bunches. Not that it is a bad thing to do for others, I actually love it and would stay up all day and night making goodies and crafts to brighten up every day if I could have a constant flow of never-ending energy to keep it up. It is just always nice to take some time for yourself and do the things that can refuel you right up to get your energy back and sustain it.

This year I am excited that I get to do just that with a bunch of wonderful samples I received from Christine, a lovely Perfectly Posh representative. She introduced me to this new brand and I must say it has me smiling for a lot of reasons! These are some things I found out about the products that I just love and I think you will, too:

  • All natural ingredients
  • No fillers
  • Cruelty fee
  • And, all products are $25 or under

Here are each of the products I had a chance to try for my pampering day and how I enjoyed each of them. 

Santa Monica Smooth Sugar Lip Scrub
I am just going to say it, this was my absolute favorite sample! It was sweet and luxurious. It tasted like sweet Georgia peaches and did a fantastic job of getting all my dry skin off and leaving them extra moisturized without being greasy. The effects even lasted after my shower! 

Nuts About Pistachio Creme Body Scrub
If you know me, then you know the quickest way to my hear is my dear ice creams, gelatos and frozen custards. This body scrub totally delivers on that experience and also is so gentle, yet effective. I actually used it on my face and it helped get out the gunk and leave me feeling extra smooth and silky. 

The "It" Girl Hand Cream
My hands often get dry from washing them a lot throughout the day so it takes a strong moisturizer to really get them back to feeling their absolute best. This cream soaked right into my skin when I put it on and left them with a wonderful, velvety texture. The scent is super-fresh and fruity, but not overpowering. 

The Detox Body Mud Stripper
I used this body mud on my arms and legs and let it dry before rinsing in the shower. I have to say I felt a full detox effect. I work out each week and my legs and arms can get pretty tense and I think this body mask released a lot of that. I think I even slept better through the night because I didn't fidget as much throughout the night- bonus, double winner!!

The Girl's Gone Green Body Butter
I followed the body mud mask with this butter after my shower and it was heavenly. It smells clean and fresh! I also really like how thick it was and how quickly it sinks into your skin without leaving it clammy. This is essential as the days get hotter and hotter. 

Schwanky & Soft Foot Cream
This foot cream is perfect for my poor whittle poopsies after a long day in heels! It has an invigorating combination of pleasurable scents including peppermint and thyme to refresh them and the cream works well to soften them back up around the problem areas like the heels of your feet. I am also planning to try how it works to use a little at the beginning of the day, too. I hope it will keep my feet soft and fresh all day! 

Complexion Perfection
This refreshing face scrub cleanser is perfect for your morning routine. It was foamy and easy to massage into my skin and rinse. It woke me up and got me ready to tackle the day. I also noticed throughout the day my pores also stayed a lot smaller.

Moisturize 911
Four magical words- caffeinated tightening face cream. I love how this light moisturizer added to my refreshment in the morning. My skin was tighter all day and also a little more bright. It gave me a natural and smooth feeling all day without clogging my pores. I really loved the feel of my face all day with it! 

After all this R&R, I am not sure how to go back to a normal and productive life. Maybe I will savor the moments just a tad longer with a book or two! I am glad I get to welcome a new year with a "new," more refreshed me- cheers to 29! 

If you are looking to pamper yourself a little more, be sure to connect with Christine for more details on Instagram, Facebook or via email. Be sure to also take a peek at her website to learn more about these lovely products and all the good this company is adding to the world. 

I know you will be on your way to heaven once you have a chance to see how darling these products are and how affordable they are, too. Enjoy pampering yourself and getting some special self-care time in, even if it is not your birthday!

Life Hack: Stay on Track with Itsums!

Hello my wonderful and dear unicormmunity! Those of you that follow me on Instagram may have had the opportunity to hear a sneak peek at my newly coined term, but if you haven't now you know it is real. That's right- I am calling my crew my #unicormmunity! So whether you are a new or returning reader, I welcome you and hope you will stick around to share your own valuable insights so we can keep growing together.

I wanted to keep in line with my goals for the year to stay on track, motivated and accomplishing ALL OF THE THINGS (yes, I am yelling, but not at you)! Today I thought I should take a second to share a new resource I have discovered that is helping me with a few projects. It is called Itsums! I am so excited to share this website and all its functionality with you so you have one more tool to make all your dreams a reality. I know it makes it so much more fun to accomplish goals by having things to check of the old to-do list. I like to think of this website as a functional board space that has the imaging of Pinterest with the calculations and tracking of an Excel sheet. It is basically the more fun version of Adulting 101.

Here is my list of top things that I am loving in using Itsums so far:
  1. You can create budget and stick to it.
  2. You have the ability to organize your spending into different categories- and it is even color coded!
  3. Bookmark the purchases you want to make online with the toolbar shortcut. 
  4. Check Items off your list as you purchase them and keep track of the spending money you have left. 
  5. Share your boards anywhere with anyone on basically any platform! 
Right now I am embarking on creating a board for my ideal office space. We have updated the kitchen and living room areas, so I am now thinking the office is the next place I need to start to get this productivity going out the freaking roof!

My board is called The Most Awesome, Productive, Fun Office Ever and this is what it looks like:

I have started with a budget of about $5,000 and started marking all the things I will need to have the most awesome, productive, fun office ever! Right now, I have grouped it into several categories: decor, furniture and productivity tools. It is color coded and corresponds to the chart on the right hand side to help you stick to the cold, hard cash you have decided to spend on each.

Here is a little preview of what I have started for my categories so far:

Such a budget beauty isn't it? This has been so helpful for me to find things I am loving for my new office and I can keep track of what I have purchased so far as well! One thing on my list that I could not resist getting was my unicorn faux taxidermy head and Itsums marked it as purchased for me and updated all my amounts!

To view the full details of my future office to date, follow this link: The Most Awesome, Productive, Fun Office Ever

I hope you had fun seeing my ideas for my future office space, as well as started thinking about what you can use Itsums for to help you be more productive and on target this year! If you are drawing a blank, here are some other ideas that might be helpful for you to get started when you sign up:
  1. Planning your next party
  2. Creating a new dream wardrobe
  3. Items you need for your next vacation
  4. Your Christmas shopping list
  5. Wedding planning 
Enjoy my latest life hack tool and please take a quick moment to share an idea of a board you have in the comments to help inspire others in our unicormmunity to plan and budget their next fun adventure!

Beauty on a Budget- How to Look Your Best Without Breaking the Bank!

Hello everyone! I am thrilled to welcome Mikal back for more of her beauty tips! You may remember her from our previous introductory post, where she shared the story of Mary Kay and some of her favorite ways to style these products. I hope you enjoy her ideas on looking your best within your budget.

I am so excited to come back as a guest writer on the Seams and Sprinkles blog! This time I will be sharing a few beauty tips to help you maintain your budget for looking your best. With the new year underway, we often set resolutions and want to try new things. Well this year, how about investing more in you? One great way to do this is to change your current beauty regime. New skincare products or a fresh selection of new makeup will give you the perfect pick-me-up!!

Mary Kay offers a variety of skin care and makeup products to help you look your best on a budget. Allow me to walk you through looking your best without breaking the bank. Let's start with skin care. Mary Kay skin sets will give you a refreshed, polished look and offer the following benefits:
  • Improves your skin's texture
  • Helps even your skin tone
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines
  • Leaves your face soft and moisturized
  • Fights aging 
Source: Mary Kay

Mary Kay's TimeWise skin care products are available in two sets: 
  • The Basic Set- This set includes the TimeWise Cleanser and TimeWise Moisturizer. This set retails at $44 and all products have a three year shelf life!
  • The Miracle Set- Thid set includes the Timewise Cleanser, TimeWise Moisturizer, Day Solution and Night Solution. This set retails at $95 and also have a three year shelf life.

Each set works together to achieve soft, smooth skin with age-defying ingredients. They are also formulated for normal to dry and combination to oily skin types. The best thing about this investment in your skin is that all these products come with a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase! 

Now that we have your skincare routine down, it is time to start playing in some makeup! 

Valentine's Day is around the corner, and a fun thing to try would be a new lip color or eye look to really make your features pop on this romantic day. The look I will be featuring is called "Picture Perfect." This makeup look was created by Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Luis Casco. Using the products in this look, you will have a flawless finish for that gorgeous selfie! 
Source: Mary Kay

You can achieve this simple, yet glamorous look with the following products:
  • Endless Performance creme-to-powder foundation ($18)
  • Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color Duo in Spiced Poppy" ($18)
  • NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss in "Rock 'n' Red" ($15)
  • Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in "Gold Coast" ($8)
  • Ultimate Mascara in "Black" ($15)
  • Mary Kay Refillable Mini-Compact ($17)

This set retails at $91, however, if you purchase between February 8th- February 18th you will receive 15% off all purchases of $75 or more, but that's not all! You will also receive a free Satin Hands hand cream as your free gift with purchase.

Before I go, I wanted to share some of my other favorite makeup products by Mary Kay that will save your pretty pennies. Each of these products are $20 or less!

  • Mary Kay CC Cream, available in four shades from very light to deep ($20)
  • Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color, shade of choice ($8)
  • Beauty Blotter Oil-Absorbing Tissues ($8)
  • Mary Kay At Play Fluid Eyeliner, shade of choice ($10)
  • Mary Kay At Play Jelly Lip Gloss, shade of choice ($10)
  • Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara ($15)
  • Mary Kay At Play Triple Layer Tinted Balm ($10)
  • Mary Kay At Play Eye Crayon ($10) 

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I hope you have enjoyed learning some new ways to spoil yourself in this new year with these new products. If you would like to learn any other information, have a Mary Kay event or just connect with me you can reach me on my website, via email or follow me on Instagram and Facebook. Thank you so much for reading and I look forward to hearing from you soon! 

DIY Candy Bouquet for Your Favorite Gals on Galentine's Day

We all know Valentine's Day is approaching, as it is pretty hard to miss when they decorate every store before you even have time to swipe up the clearance Christmas goodies! Ah, February, the month of pink, champagne and chocolates... wait that is basically every day of my life (sorry, not sorry). It is true that February is known for all these things, but do you also recall Galentine's Day? This holiday falls on February 13th so you can be sure to set aside time for all the most wonderful ladies in your life before every reservation, outfit and gift is taken in the surrounding area. I personally believe we should spend a little more time in this chocolate-infused month celebrating all our relationships, not just the romantical (I am saying this word with a sultry rolling "r"and you must also!) ones.

So, where all my ladies at with all the best lady friends ever who are ready to celebrate this fabulous Galentine's Day?? If this sounds like you, maybe you have been looking for an awesome way to celebrate the ladies in your life this year by giving an extra-special-full-of-love gift and I have the most perfectly darling idea for you. Are you ready for it... time for a DIY candy bouquet tutorial!! I can no longer contain my excitement to have an excuse to celebrate all my favorite gal-pals so let's jump right in!

Galentine's Day Candy Bouquets

Makes approximately 32 edible flowers


  • 1 Bag of medium-sized, standard shape marshmallows (they can be color and flavor of your choice though!)
  • 1 Bag of pretzel rods
  • Parchment paper
  • Your choice of candy coating
  • Colored sugar
  • Yellow, round sprinkles   


  1. Cut all the marshmallows in half diagonally. You may need to rinse off your scissors or knife every so often, as it will get sticky. Set halves aside.
  2. Pour your choice of colored sugar(s) into separate bowls. 
  3. Dip the sticky ends of the marshmallows in your choice of colored sugar. I used blue, pink and purple for mine. You will need four halves for each flower. Repeat with remaining marshmallow halves until they all have colored sugar, then set aside.
  4.  Melt your candy coating following the instructions, stirring frequently until it is runny and smooth. I typically work in 30 second increments. 
  5. Place parchment paper on a flat surface for candy to harden. 
  6. Dip one pretzel rod into the melted candy coating, letting the excess run off. Place rod lightly on the parchment paper.
  7. Begin assembling the sides of the flower by placing a petal on the right and left side of the rod towards the top leaving a little room for the top and bottom petals. Hold them in place for a few seconds for the candy coating to begin to harden.
  8. Add the top and bottom petals to the pretzel rod and hold into place for a few seconds for the candy coating to begin to harden.
  9. Add a yellow embellishment, such as a round sprinkle, in the middle for the pollen. 
  10. Allow candy coating to harden before removing from the parchment paper.
  11. Repeat with remaining pretzel rods in the bag.
  12. Assemble flowers into a bouquet using the vessel of your choice. I recommend a fun wine glass and bottle of wine to give your favorite gal pals in your life! *Cheers*      

I hope you enjoy sharing this candy bouquet as much as I did! Be sure to also keep it in mind for other holidays coming up like Mother's Day or Easter. It is such a fun and unique way to celebrate all the most special people in your life.

Take an extra second and leave me a note in the comments to tell me how you plan to pair your bouquet for an awesome gift. Have a wonderful Galentine's Day!