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5 Blogging Resources to Keep Your New Year's Resolution

Hello and happy 2016! I hope the holidays have treated you well and given you so much joy to start this next wonderful adventure of a year. The time keeps going by quicker and that is why this year my resolution for this year is to be more proactive here on Seams & Sprinkles- even if it makes me call in my dog for back up! This way the time doesn't fly by like a blink of an eye and I am all upset that I didn't have time to share a recipe for a new pie which is why I am ending my dorky rhyming and sharing my five best blogging resources to help you keep your blogging resolutions!

1. The Blog Bar

For many reasons this place has got to be my number one resource! As a member of The Blog Bar you get to be a part of a collaborative blogging community where you can share ideas, meet new bloggers and build up your blogging confidence. As you have experienced from my guest posts, there are amazing bloggers out there that are wonderful partners and these opportunities create everlasting partnerships.

One other kick-ass (yes, I said it!) feature available there is the Blog Planner. I am such a to-do-lister and this worksheet is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is also built to keep you on track and getting things done. I love that you can download it, type in it and feel mega-accomplishment when you complete tasks and check them off! It has helped me start to plan ideas out in a realistic, organized and streamlined manner. If you need to get organized and put your thoughts in one place- THIS IS IT!!

2. Caitlin Bacher's FaceBook Group!

I came across Caitlin's original brand a while back when I first started researching ways I could implement improvements for my blog. Since then, she has totally relaunched into her own powerhouse brand. She has a wonderful website with helpful blog posts, newsletters and free and paid courses.

One of my most prized treasures of her brand though is her private Facebook group. Once you become a member of the site, please head over to her Facebook group and join it immediately (like yesterday!). I have learned so much just by reading issues that bloggers and business owners encounter from how to deal with negative comments from customers to asking for feedback on your page. There is such a library of non-stop, scrollable knowledge in the group you won't be able to get enough. The best thing is that you can also collaborate, comment and pose your issues here. It has really made me feel like I am not alone when I need some help or inspiration. 

3. The Nectar Collective's Library for Bloggers & Creatives!

I stumbled upon the Nectar Collective on Pinterest and have been absolutely addicted to their resources. They have tons of worksheets and quick e-books that really get your creative juices going for blogging. If you have no idea where to start, please head over and subscribe so you can have access to these resources with the best probing (appealing to my trainer habits here) questions ever!

Some of my favorite resources that have jump started my motivation for this new year are the blog style guide as well as the post case study. I think you will find these documents, along with the others, helpful, easy to navigate and fun to complete. 

4. Kristy Ellington's Blog to Business Podcast!

Another recent venture I have had and must admit is kind of embarrassing is the Podcast application. I hid a bunch of the apps that came with my phone thinking, "WTH are these?! I am never, ever going to use them!" And behold, iPhone you know me better than I know myself again! So, once I finally found out how to get my Podcast groove on I started listening to Kristy's Blog to Business podcast episodes to learn all the latest and greatest in transforming my blog into my business.

One thing that I heard that resonated with me at the end of last year is that we are most like the 5 people we spend the most time with. I got to thinking about who I want to be around and it is people like Kristy! Someone who is supportive, collaborative and enjoys helping others. She radiates kindness, creativity, humor and her willingness to share all she has learned. By listening to all her quick tips and fun topics, she has become one of my 5 people I spend the most time with in a sense and I love the positive influence she has had on me so far. The best thing about these podcasts is that you can listen and also get other things done for your blog like editing photos or brainstorming at the same time- major winning here, people!  

5. And Finally- Guest Posting! 

While there is no link for list last resource, it is definitely one of the most valuable. I strategically saved it for last because if you have joined the groups above and started collaborating in them you will meet some awesome people that you can exchange your posts with. And bonus, if you get along great you can also work together to brainstorm, collaborate on projects and help hold each other accountable. 

Some of the advantages I have personally experienced from guest blogging and also hosting guest posts are seeing more traffic, having deadlines (gosh I need those!), more defined topics and also awesome partnerships that grow into much more than you ever expected! Over this last year I had several guest posts that you may want to reference for ideas of something you can submit such as Carrie's Creamy Lemon Pie, Tracy's Very Merry Cranberry Martini and Lacey's Three Ingredient Oaty Pancakes.

Bonus- If you are ever interested in exchanging posts or being a guest writer for Seams & Sprinkles, please feel free to contact me! I would love to collaborate with you and get to know you better. You are always welcome to comment below, connect with me on The Blog Bar or shoot me a quick note via email to get started.

I hope these quick, yet valuable resources help you reach all your 2016 blogging goals throughout the year and help you gain the insight you have been looking for or didn't realize you needed yet! Please be sure to leave me a comment below if you have more tips and tricks I should check out and share in the future, I sure would appreciate it! Happy blogging!

*Please note that all images belong to the owners mentioned in the post. You can follow the links for more information.* 


  1. I just started my blog and I find this so helpful. I so appreciate this resource that you have posted. I just signed up for the Blog Bar last night but haven't yet gotten on it. Otherwise I have never heard of these and I look forward to being able to use them to grow my blog and my audience. Thanks again!

    1. Congrats on starting your new adventure with blogging! I have not been blogging as often as I should, but these tips have helped me make it more productive and effective when I have the chance to sit down to write my posts!

      Next time you are on The Blog Bar be sure to add me to your friend list! I would love to work with you and collaborate whenever you would like! You are also most welcome to ask me questions anytime and I will provide you any insight I have!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and taking time to share your thoughts. Take care!


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    1. Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed the post.

      Take care. Xoxo

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