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DIY Candy Bouquet for Your Favorite Gals on Galentine's Day

We all know Valentine's Day is approaching, as it is pretty hard to miss when they decorate every store before you even have time to swipe up the clearance Christmas goodies! Ah, February, the month of pink, champagne and chocolates... wait that is basically every day of my life (sorry, not sorry). It is true that February is known for all these things, but do you also recall Galentine's Day? This holiday falls on February 13th so you can be sure to set aside time for all the most wonderful ladies in your life before every reservation, outfit and gift is taken in the surrounding area. I personally believe we should spend a little more time in this chocolate-infused month celebrating all our relationships, not just the romantical (I am saying this word with a sultry rolling "r"and you must also!) ones.

So, where all my ladies at with all the best lady friends ever who are ready to celebrate this fabulous Galentine's Day?? If this sounds like you, maybe you have been looking for an awesome way to celebrate the ladies in your life this year by giving an extra-special-full-of-love gift and I have the most perfectly darling idea for you. Are you ready for it... time for a DIY candy bouquet tutorial!! I can no longer contain my excitement to have an excuse to celebrate all my favorite gal-pals so let's jump right in!

Galentine's Day Candy Bouquets

Makes approximately 32 edible flowers


  • 1 Bag of medium-sized, standard shape marshmallows (they can be color and flavor of your choice though!)
  • 1 Bag of pretzel rods
  • Parchment paper
  • Your choice of candy coating
  • Colored sugar
  • Yellow, round sprinkles   


  1. Cut all the marshmallows in half diagonally. You may need to rinse off your scissors or knife every so often, as it will get sticky. Set halves aside.
  2. Pour your choice of colored sugar(s) into separate bowls. 
  3. Dip the sticky ends of the marshmallows in your choice of colored sugar. I used blue, pink and purple for mine. You will need four halves for each flower. Repeat with remaining marshmallow halves until they all have colored sugar, then set aside.
  4.  Melt your candy coating following the instructions, stirring frequently until it is runny and smooth. I typically work in 30 second increments. 
  5. Place parchment paper on a flat surface for candy to harden. 
  6. Dip one pretzel rod into the melted candy coating, letting the excess run off. Place rod lightly on the parchment paper.
  7. Begin assembling the sides of the flower by placing a petal on the right and left side of the rod towards the top leaving a little room for the top and bottom petals. Hold them in place for a few seconds for the candy coating to begin to harden.
  8. Add the top and bottom petals to the pretzel rod and hold into place for a few seconds for the candy coating to begin to harden.
  9. Add a yellow embellishment, such as a round sprinkle, in the middle for the pollen. 
  10. Allow candy coating to harden before removing from the parchment paper.
  11. Repeat with remaining pretzel rods in the bag.
  12. Assemble flowers into a bouquet using the vessel of your choice. I recommend a fun wine glass and bottle of wine to give your favorite gal pals in your life! *Cheers*      

I hope you enjoy sharing this candy bouquet as much as I did! Be sure to also keep it in mind for other holidays coming up like Mother's Day or Easter. It is such a fun and unique way to celebrate all the most special people in your life.

Take an extra second and leave me a note in the comments to tell me how you plan to pair your bouquet for an awesome gift. Have a wonderful Galentine's Day!



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Mikal! Feel free to share with anyone who needs a new creative idea!

  2. Loved these candy bouquets and thinking to give them a try on my birthday. I will be hosting a DIY party at a party venue NYC. Glad to have this great idea. I really want my party to be unique and memorable for everyone.

    1. I am so ecstatic to hear you will be using this idea for your DIY party soon! I would love to see how they come out so please share that with me if you post it!

      Have a very happy birthday!