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Life Hack: Stay on Track with Itsums!

Hello my wonderful and dear unicormmunity! Those of you that follow me on Instagram may have had the opportunity to hear a sneak peek at my newly coined term, but if you haven't now you know it is real. That's right- I am calling my crew my #unicormmunity! So whether you are a new or returning reader, I welcome you and hope you will stick around to share your own valuable insights so we can keep growing together.

I wanted to keep in line with my goals for the year to stay on track, motivated and accomplishing ALL OF THE THINGS (yes, I am yelling, but not at you)! Today I thought I should take a second to share a new resource I have discovered that is helping me with a few projects. It is called Itsums! I am so excited to share this website and all its functionality with you so you have one more tool to make all your dreams a reality. I know it makes it so much more fun to accomplish goals by having things to check of the old to-do list. I like to think of this website as a functional board space that has the imaging of Pinterest with the calculations and tracking of an Excel sheet. It is basically the more fun version of Adulting 101.

Here is my list of top things that I am loving in using Itsums so far:
  1. You can create budget and stick to it.
  2. You have the ability to organize your spending into different categories- and it is even color coded!
  3. Bookmark the purchases you want to make online with the toolbar shortcut. 
  4. Check Items off your list as you purchase them and keep track of the spending money you have left. 
  5. Share your boards anywhere with anyone on basically any platform! 
Right now I am embarking on creating a board for my ideal office space. We have updated the kitchen and living room areas, so I am now thinking the office is the next place I need to start to get this productivity going out the freaking roof!

My board is called The Most Awesome, Productive, Fun Office Ever and this is what it looks like:

I have started with a budget of about $5,000 and started marking all the things I will need to have the most awesome, productive, fun office ever! Right now, I have grouped it into several categories: decor, furniture and productivity tools. It is color coded and corresponds to the chart on the right hand side to help you stick to the cold, hard cash you have decided to spend on each.

Here is a little preview of what I have started for my categories so far:

Such a budget beauty isn't it? This has been so helpful for me to find things I am loving for my new office and I can keep track of what I have purchased so far as well! One thing on my list that I could not resist getting was my unicorn faux taxidermy head and Itsums marked it as purchased for me and updated all my amounts!

To view the full details of my future office to date, follow this link: The Most Awesome, Productive, Fun Office Ever

I hope you had fun seeing my ideas for my future office space, as well as started thinking about what you can use Itsums for to help you be more productive and on target this year! If you are drawing a blank, here are some other ideas that might be helpful for you to get started when you sign up:
  1. Planning your next party
  2. Creating a new dream wardrobe
  3. Items you need for your next vacation
  4. Your Christmas shopping list
  5. Wedding planning 
Enjoy my latest life hack tool and please take a quick moment to share an idea of a board you have in the comments to help inspire others in our unicormmunity to plan and budget their next fun adventure!

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