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All I Want For My Birthday Is....

A little rest and relaxation! I can certainly tell I am heading in the more mature direction, minus all the unicorns and princess stuff that might just tell you otherwise teehee! This year as I enjoy being twenty-something one last time, I am just really looking forward to taking care of myself with some quiet time and much needed pampering.

I think it is needed time for me since I have been doing lots of prepping and planning for all the people in my life that I love tons and bunches. Not that it is a bad thing to do for others, I actually love it and would stay up all day and night making goodies and crafts to brighten up every day if I could have a constant flow of never-ending energy to keep it up. It is just always nice to take some time for yourself and do the things that can refuel you right up to get your energy back and sustain it.

This year I am excited that I get to do just that with a bunch of wonderful samples I received from Christine, a lovely Perfectly Posh representative. She introduced me to this new brand and I must say it has me smiling for a lot of reasons! These are some things I found out about the products that I just love and I think you will, too:

  • All natural ingredients
  • No fillers
  • Cruelty fee
  • And, all products are $25 or under

Here are each of the products I had a chance to try for my pampering day and how I enjoyed each of them. 

Santa Monica Smooth Sugar Lip Scrub
I am just going to say it, this was my absolute favorite sample! It was sweet and luxurious. It tasted like sweet Georgia peaches and did a fantastic job of getting all my dry skin off and leaving them extra moisturized without being greasy. The effects even lasted after my shower! 

Nuts About Pistachio Creme Body Scrub
If you know me, then you know the quickest way to my hear is my dear ice creams, gelatos and frozen custards. This body scrub totally delivers on that experience and also is so gentle, yet effective. I actually used it on my face and it helped get out the gunk and leave me feeling extra smooth and silky. 

The "It" Girl Hand Cream
My hands often get dry from washing them a lot throughout the day so it takes a strong moisturizer to really get them back to feeling their absolute best. This cream soaked right into my skin when I put it on and left them with a wonderful, velvety texture. The scent is super-fresh and fruity, but not overpowering. 

The Detox Body Mud Stripper
I used this body mud on my arms and legs and let it dry before rinsing in the shower. I have to say I felt a full detox effect. I work out each week and my legs and arms can get pretty tense and I think this body mask released a lot of that. I think I even slept better through the night because I didn't fidget as much throughout the night- bonus, double winner!!

The Girl's Gone Green Body Butter
I followed the body mud mask with this butter after my shower and it was heavenly. It smells clean and fresh! I also really like how thick it was and how quickly it sinks into your skin without leaving it clammy. This is essential as the days get hotter and hotter. 

Schwanky & Soft Foot Cream
This foot cream is perfect for my poor whittle poopsies after a long day in heels! It has an invigorating combination of pleasurable scents including peppermint and thyme to refresh them and the cream works well to soften them back up around the problem areas like the heels of your feet. I am also planning to try how it works to use a little at the beginning of the day, too. I hope it will keep my feet soft and fresh all day! 

Complexion Perfection
This refreshing face scrub cleanser is perfect for your morning routine. It was foamy and easy to massage into my skin and rinse. It woke me up and got me ready to tackle the day. I also noticed throughout the day my pores also stayed a lot smaller.

Moisturize 911
Four magical words- caffeinated tightening face cream. I love how this light moisturizer added to my refreshment in the morning. My skin was tighter all day and also a little more bright. It gave me a natural and smooth feeling all day without clogging my pores. I really loved the feel of my face all day with it! 

After all this R&R, I am not sure how to go back to a normal and productive life. Maybe I will savor the moments just a tad longer with a book or two! I am glad I get to welcome a new year with a "new," more refreshed me- cheers to 29! 

If you are looking to pamper yourself a little more, be sure to connect with Christine for more details on Instagram, Facebook or via email. Be sure to also take a peek at her website to learn more about these lovely products and all the good this company is adding to the world. 

I know you will be on your way to heaven once you have a chance to see how darling these products are and how affordable they are, too. Enjoy pampering yourself and getting some special self-care time in, even if it is not your birthday!