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Scarf it to Me!

Hi unicorn friends! I hope you have had a wonderful time easing into this fall weather and styling yourselves with fabulous layers of style. One of my favorite pieces to add to my outfits during this snuggly time is scarves! I love all the patterns, styles and options that you have with them and they sure do keep you nice and cozy.

Today I wanted to share a few different styles of a plaid blanket scarf I recently got from Zyania that has the most perfect fall colors! I hope these photos inspire you to try something a little different with a blanket scarf you have been waiting to bring out and showcase.

For the first look, I wrapped the scarf around like a poncho and secured it with a tie-around leather belt. It blends in great and makes for a great functional outfit on the go. This scarf is perfect for this look since it is so large and easy to secure!

For the next look, I tied it at the ends to create a faux double infinity look. It is really quick and I think better for days that are not too chilly so you can stay at a more comfortable temperature!

This is a blanket, key word blanket here, scarf so my last look is to use it more like a blanket! Why not! My sister Dana always brings a scarf as her carry on item to use in case she gets chilly during travels. It is such a great lightweight idea to save you space and keep you comfortable during those long days spent getting from A to B.

Now if you are like me and just adore this print and variety of options and would like to have this scarf, I invite you to check out my Instagram page @babebknee to follow the rules and enter to win. The giveaway is now open and will go until 11:59 PST Sunday, October 23rd. So don't delay, head right over there and make sure you secure your entry now!

Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you soon for more fall inspiration with my upcoming Halloween Blog Hop post. Until then....

Photos by the amazing, talented, wonderful Yadish Ramos Photography!!


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    1. It is so snuggly and warm! You should totally get one for you. I know you would make it look awesome!