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Hump Day Quickie: I do not Like Driving

Hello everyone! I am sorry I have been on a short hiatus again, but I am back with another Hump Day Quickie for your reading pleasure. What has been on my mind most is the frustration of driving. Maybe this is a fallacy, but it seems to me that people are driving more and more crazy each day. We have the swifty, switchy lane switchy mcswitchersons, the road raging tootin' scootin' right behind your bootin' jerky tailgaters and the lost in a daze nerve wracking, "I need a blanket I am so uncomfortable driving" slowpokes.

Sometimes I really fear for my life when I am on the road with the multitude of craziness out there. I really don't understand what the big deal is to get one car ahead of someone or swerve all around traffic just to end up at the same red light STOPPED just like the rest of us. Where is the logic, people? Pull it out of your pocket and start using it. If you are no sure how to drive with etiquette here are some ideas for you:

  1. Leave a few minutes early so you don't need to count every precious second of your late arrival by swerving in and out of traffic.
  2. Please look around before you just decide to switch lanes without signalling. It is the least you can do while you are being inconsiderate is just to make sure no one is there. 
  3. Maintain a little bit of healthy space. I know this will be hard for the stage 5 clingers, but it is okay to give some buffer room so when we all come to a screeching halt we are also not going boom boom crash, too. 
  4. Have some humanity and let people out of parking lots who have been waiting forever to get a little space between the heavy flow of traffic. I am sure the universe will provide you a credit for your kindness!
  5. Most importantly, if you want to put your life in danger and live on the edge that is fine, but please don't put the rest of our lives in danger with your recklessness. Save it for donuts in the parking lot when you are all alone.
So that is it, everyone just take a chill pill and stop with the jerk brain syndrome while you are behind the wheel. What are your biggest frustrations while driving? Tell me below so we can vent together! Happy and safe driving out there in the jungle friends.  

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