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Hump Day Quickie: Boyz II Men Said It Best, We Don't Even Talk Anymore!

Hi friends! I have had this topic on my mind a lot lately as the world seems to be changing with the communication sphere, and I am not quite sure I am moving with it. Maybe I am old or old fashioned, but in this case I think that is a good thing!

I am talking about the ability for us to communicate on a human level with some actual depth to it. I used to be overjoyed at the ability of the Internet to instantly connect you to anyone all over the world at any given time and that has slowly evolved to a disappointing low for me. It was always amazing to me the amount of discussion and possibilities opened with this window of opportunity to connection and now we are settling for living based on "likes".

I have heard that people often enjoy this because it gives them a quick pulse check on what is working well, and showing interest from others as well as a quick acknowledgement of the content. But if I can be super honest, I hate that. And let me clarify a little, I don't mind if you like my image or content only and don't comment on it. What I hate is when I comment with you to open an interaction and someone just "likes" the comment instead of responding back. I am not asking for an essay here, people, I am just asking for a little interaction!

As a person who is intrigued and interested in connecting and learning new things from new people, it is hard to ever get to that point when we are putting ourselves out to the universe and getting nothing back. Wow, it even sounds lonely typing it! So back to the title, it is like the old Boyz II Men Song when they say, "We don't even talk anymore." And I will tell you what, it makes me really sad. I don't want to get to the point of  one person talking and the other only liking things... it just feels like a one-way conversation and then really what is the whole point of it all?

So can we agree to make a bit of effort in actually replying to people with a sentence or two in posts as well as text messages? Let's talk a little more; can we do that? (It would make me happy if we could!)

This Dress is the Bee's Knees!

Hi everyone! Well, this week marks the first day of summer and you can certainly feel it in Sacramento. I have been dying under 100 degrees plus every single day this week. It didn't have to go zero to one hunnit on me that quick!

*Ring, ring* "911, what's your emergency?"
Me: "Send tubs of ice cream. I am dying here!!" "Also, send more adorable flotation devices for my pool." "K, thx, bye."

For me personally, I prefer dresses in this weather. First, there is a little extra breeze to them and we all need that when it is a chore to be out and about. Secondly, there is less to match with it. You put on your outfit and *boom, da na na na* you are good to go! Lastly, they can be dressed up or down with no fashion faltering! Just simply choose heels or sandals and you can completely, and quite easily if I may add, change your look. And who doesn't love flexibility with fashion?

Today I wanted to show you an adorable vintage find I got recently that is the bee's knees! The colors are vibrant and the bee print makes you want to smile anywhere you go because you feel so bee-utiful. I also love how classy it is when you wear it; just modest enough for the modern vintage woman like me.

I paired it with my new sunglasses from the mermaid party I went to recently and a fun vintage wicker purse that holds all the essentials. I love my vintage purses, now! I also was sure to wear my great-grandmother's pearl necklace that completes all my vintage looks. It is dainty and fabulously feminine and also gives me something special to think about each time I wear it.


If you are interested in purchasing this dress, you can find it at Bopper's Boutique. I enjoyed wearing this dress for my quick breakfast at Cafe Latte here in Sacramento! Where would you wear your favorite dress around town? Please tell me below so I can head there next and use the free A.C.!

Take care, stay cool and I hope to see you around soon for some more awesome summer adventures. 

Monday Funday Bikini Booty Workout by Rebecca of Foxie Fitness

Have you overdone it at your Father's Day BBQ this weekend? Feeling a little remorseful and wanting to start this week out being commit to fit? Well, I have a great guest post by Rebecca of Foxie Fitness that will have you on your way back to bikinis in no time. I hope you all enjoy this simple and easy workout that you can do without the gym!

Hi there, I'm Rebecca, creator of Foxie Fitness. I am a certified personal trainer/heath coach and professional booty builder. I help women from all walks of life find a way to git in shape, build confidence, and be healthy with their busy schedules.

It's time to face the facts. Summer is here and there is no better time to start working on your bikini body. If you're like most ladies (and some men), you crave a more toned backside. Well, I am here to show you how to get one from the comfort of your own home. I am very excited to share with you my top three at-home booty building exercises. These moves do not require a gym or any equipment, so you can do them anywhere!


  1. The Booty Lift- This one will help you develop that "booty fold" that we all know and love. Start on all fours and lift one leg up as demonstrated below.
  2. Sumo Squat Pulses- You will definitely feel the burn with this one! This targets your whole leg, but will especially burn the booty if you point your toes out as demonstrated. Lower down into a squat position and come back up slightly. Keep the movements small so you really feel your legs burn! 
  3. One Legged Bridges- This exercise is wonderful for targeting your booty! Using only on leg in the bridge helps isolate that specific booty cheek and really strengthen it. Lay on your back with one leg up in the air and push the other foot into the ground as you lift the hips up. 

With all booty building exercises, make sure that you squeeze your bum as much as possible during the movements. The more you activate those muscles, the bigger and stronger they'll become! So, grab your mat and let's get started on that bikini booty with these moves!

For more booty building fun, check out my Instagram and Facebook. You can also find more tips and tricks at

Mermaid Parties Are More Fun!

So how do you get me to hang out with you? That is easy, just tell me that there is a mermaid themed party that we can go to together like my dear friend Jen did!

In Old Sacramento, there are tons of adorable little shops and things to do and now I know that it is even better than I realized, because there are mermaid parties to attend! These parties are monthly and feature some awesome prizes, sales, goodies and of course mermaids. The flier is totally calling you, can't you sea?!

I am talking about this adorable place called Visions of Eden. Everyone in the shop was great and had the perfect costumes on for the event. There was a mermaid, pirate and a modern Ursula, who absolutely killed it if I might add. I didn't know what to expect or how mermaid-y I should have dressed, but I certainly think that next time I go I should at least have an Ariel shirt on (where is my respect and pride for mermaids?!) to show my love and loyalty a little better. *Noted*

We were greeted with the mermaid punch, assorted mermaiden snacks and the chance to win a raffle prize every hour. If you think this wasn't the best part you are wrong... I won the raffle prize! It was wonderful to have some extra spending money on top of the amazing deals we saw that included specialty soaps, paintings, jewelry and other perfect little gifts. Not only that, you also get points for in shop credit with every purchase. Is there anything not amazing about this place? I don't think so either!

Since we are about half way to the last Wednesday of the month, I hope you will plan to head over to this adorable place and be where the people are so you can stock up on dinglehoppers and snarfblats for you and all your mermaiden friends! For now, here are a few of the gadgets and gizmos that are of plenty on my list to purchase for next time that includes sassy mugs, bags, hats and amazing soap.

I donut care, either...
These soaps smell heavenly.

Love it, need it, gotta have it!

How can you not feel beachy at a mermaid party?

These were made in Peru, my second home.

Adorable mini journals (I am a sucker for miniatures).

Thanks again to Jen for introducing me to this new amazing shop, and of course for taking me on a date to this fabulous themed party. I hope to see you soon at one of these events, and who knows, maybe next time I will be invited to be an honorary guest (fins crossed). Take care mermaidens and mermen!

I Have a Love/Hate Relationship with Marshall's

Happy Wednesday amigos! I am so glad these longer days are here with summer and we can fit so much into the day now. Nothing like waking up in a panic thinking you missed your alarm in the morning because of the sun rising so early, right? (not really/said no one ever)

One place I am glad to have a little extra daylight to squeeze into is Marshall's and let me tell you, we have a major love/hate relationship that spans across many decades. There have been uncomfortable situations, utter frustration and times where I swore I would leave and never come back "this time for real." And it doesn't help that there is one right around the corner from me either. I feel like I am always telling my poor husband, "I will be right back, just going to run to Marshall's real quick." He totally knows I am never quick and not to even ask. I am there just about as much as I am at the grocery store... probably shouldn't admit that.

Do I always come back with multiple shopping bags full of finds? Yes, but who is counting when you get bargains on bargains on bargains? Yeah, me neither! I say I love this place because I can easily stock up on office supplies like a total geekazoid to help keep me motivated by color and fun throughout the day, as well as buy that $0.50 Christmas gift bag because it is totally cute and I know it will come in handy later on when they want a bagillion dollars for it because it is that time of year. I also enjoy the clearance shoe rack; when everyone else is not my size and have not taken all the goodies!

Here is where Marshall's and I don't get along so well or see eye to eye. I HATE those stupid sticker price tags. Yes, I am shopping here for a bargain, and many a times a gift. I think the cashiers should be charged with removing these stickers that take forever when it is a gift. I understand the difficulty they are tying to make for the robbers, but what about me, a normal woman just looking to save some money!?!? What about meeee!!

Another thing that drives me nuts... NO, I do not want a Marshall's credit card. I have been coming here since dinosaurs roamed the earth. You basically know my name without admitting it and I am sure you know I don't want to use my rewards card because I don't have one. It is also very disappointing to hear the open discussions among the cashiers on their stats of new credit cards opened for their quarterly commissions. Hi, I am still standing here and I do not care. Just finish ringing up my pens, underwear and dog toy so I can go home and have enough time to remove your horrible price tags!

So this is my shortened therapist-version notes of my love/hate relationship with Marshall's, do you relate? Tell me your most hilarious experience with a love/hate relationship you have below. I would love to hear all about it!