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Hump Day Quickie: Boyz II Men Said It Best, We Don't Even Talk Anymore!

Hi friends! I have had this topic on my mind a lot lately as the world seems to be changing with the communication sphere, and I am not quite sure I am moving with it. Maybe I am old or old fashioned, but in this case I think that is a good thing!

I am talking about the ability for us to communicate on a human level with some actual depth to it. I used to be overjoyed at the ability of the Internet to instantly connect you to anyone all over the world at any given time and that has slowly evolved to a disappointing low for me. It was always amazing to me the amount of discussion and possibilities opened with this window of opportunity to connection and now we are settling for living based on "likes".

I have heard that people often enjoy this because it gives them a quick pulse check on what is working well, and showing interest from others as well as a quick acknowledgement of the content. But if I can be super honest, I hate that. And let me clarify a little, I don't mind if you like my image or content only and don't comment on it. What I hate is when I comment with you to open an interaction and someone just "likes" the comment instead of responding back. I am not asking for an essay here, people, I am just asking for a little interaction!

As a person who is intrigued and interested in connecting and learning new things from new people, it is hard to ever get to that point when we are putting ourselves out to the universe and getting nothing back. Wow, it even sounds lonely typing it! So back to the title, it is like the old Boyz II Men Song when they say, "We don't even talk anymore." And I will tell you what, it makes me really sad. I don't want to get to the point of  one person talking and the other only liking things... it just feels like a one-way conversation and then really what is the whole point of it all?

So can we agree to make a bit of effort in actually replying to people with a sentence or two in posts as well as text messages? Let's talk a little more; can we do that? (It would make me happy if we could!)

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