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I Have a Love/Hate Relationship with Marshall's

Happy Wednesday amigos! I am so glad these longer days are here with summer and we can fit so much into the day now. Nothing like waking up in a panic thinking you missed your alarm in the morning because of the sun rising so early, right? (not really/said no one ever)

One place I am glad to have a little extra daylight to squeeze into is Marshall's and let me tell you, we have a major love/hate relationship that spans across many decades. There have been uncomfortable situations, utter frustration and times where I swore I would leave and never come back "this time for real." And it doesn't help that there is one right around the corner from me either. I feel like I am always telling my poor husband, "I will be right back, just going to run to Marshall's real quick." He totally knows I am never quick and not to even ask. I am there just about as much as I am at the grocery store... probably shouldn't admit that.

Do I always come back with multiple shopping bags full of finds? Yes, but who is counting when you get bargains on bargains on bargains? Yeah, me neither! I say I love this place because I can easily stock up on office supplies like a total geekazoid to help keep me motivated by color and fun throughout the day, as well as buy that $0.50 Christmas gift bag because it is totally cute and I know it will come in handy later on when they want a bagillion dollars for it because it is that time of year. I also enjoy the clearance shoe rack; when everyone else is not my size and have not taken all the goodies!

Here is where Marshall's and I don't get along so well or see eye to eye. I HATE those stupid sticker price tags. Yes, I am shopping here for a bargain, and many a times a gift. I think the cashiers should be charged with removing these stickers that take forever when it is a gift. I understand the difficulty they are tying to make for the robbers, but what about me, a normal woman just looking to save some money!?!? What about meeee!!

Another thing that drives me nuts... NO, I do not want a Marshall's credit card. I have been coming here since dinosaurs roamed the earth. You basically know my name without admitting it and I am sure you know I don't want to use my rewards card because I don't have one. It is also very disappointing to hear the open discussions among the cashiers on their stats of new credit cards opened for their quarterly commissions. Hi, I am still standing here and I do not care. Just finish ringing up my pens, underwear and dog toy so I can go home and have enough time to remove your horrible price tags!

So this is my shortened therapist-version notes of my love/hate relationship with Marshall's, do you relate? Tell me your most hilarious experience with a love/hate relationship you have below. I would love to hear all about it!

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