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Monday Funday Bikini Booty Workout by Rebecca of Foxie Fitness

Have you overdone it at your Father's Day BBQ this weekend? Feeling a little remorseful and wanting to start this week out being commit to fit? Well, I have a great guest post by Rebecca of Foxie Fitness that will have you on your way back to bikinis in no time. I hope you all enjoy this simple and easy workout that you can do without the gym!

Hi there, I'm Rebecca, creator of Foxie Fitness. I am a certified personal trainer/heath coach and professional booty builder. I help women from all walks of life find a way to git in shape, build confidence, and be healthy with their busy schedules.

It's time to face the facts. Summer is here and there is no better time to start working on your bikini body. If you're like most ladies (and some men), you crave a more toned backside. Well, I am here to show you how to get one from the comfort of your own home. I am very excited to share with you my top three at-home booty building exercises. These moves do not require a gym or any equipment, so you can do them anywhere!


  1. The Booty Lift- This one will help you develop that "booty fold" that we all know and love. Start on all fours and lift one leg up as demonstrated below.
  2. Sumo Squat Pulses- You will definitely feel the burn with this one! This targets your whole leg, but will especially burn the booty if you point your toes out as demonstrated. Lower down into a squat position and come back up slightly. Keep the movements small so you really feel your legs burn! 
  3. One Legged Bridges- This exercise is wonderful for targeting your booty! Using only on leg in the bridge helps isolate that specific booty cheek and really strengthen it. Lay on your back with one leg up in the air and push the other foot into the ground as you lift the hips up. 

With all booty building exercises, make sure that you squeeze your bum as much as possible during the movements. The more you activate those muscles, the bigger and stronger they'll become! So, grab your mat and let's get started on that bikini booty with these moves!

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