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This Dress is the Bee's Knees!

Hi everyone! Well, this week marks the first day of summer and you can certainly feel it in Sacramento. I have been dying under 100 degrees plus every single day this week. It didn't have to go zero to one hunnit on me that quick!

*Ring, ring* "911, what's your emergency?"
Me: "Send tubs of ice cream. I am dying here!!" "Also, send more adorable flotation devices for my pool." "K, thx, bye."

For me personally, I prefer dresses in this weather. First, there is a little extra breeze to them and we all need that when it is a chore to be out and about. Secondly, there is less to match with it. You put on your outfit and *boom, da na na na* you are good to go! Lastly, they can be dressed up or down with no fashion faltering! Just simply choose heels or sandals and you can completely, and quite easily if I may add, change your look. And who doesn't love flexibility with fashion?

Today I wanted to show you an adorable vintage find I got recently that is the bee's knees! The colors are vibrant and the bee print makes you want to smile anywhere you go because you feel so bee-utiful. I also love how classy it is when you wear it; just modest enough for the modern vintage woman like me.

I paired it with my new sunglasses from the mermaid party I went to recently and a fun vintage wicker purse that holds all the essentials. I love my vintage purses, now! I also was sure to wear my great-grandmother's pearl necklace that completes all my vintage looks. It is dainty and fabulously feminine and also gives me something special to think about each time I wear it.


If you are interested in purchasing this dress, you can find it at Bopper's Boutique. I enjoyed wearing this dress for my quick breakfast at Cafe Latte here in Sacramento! Where would you wear your favorite dress around town? Please tell me below so I can head there next and use the free A.C.!

Take care, stay cool and I hope to see you around soon for some more awesome summer adventures. 

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