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Sunday Funday Idea: Winery Day Trip in Sacramento

Sacramento is a beautiful area that thousands of tourists flock to every year. If you're lucky enough to enjoy living here through the year, you know two things are for gets hot all year round, and yet there is no shortage for entertainment despite this. Even if you've lived here for years, there are constantly new opportunities for fun popping up around town and the surrounding areas. With work schedules and other dates reserved for business and commitments, it's hard to find the time to get together with friends to enjoy each other's company.

A day trip through Sacramento touring through local wineries is the perfect way to enjoy what the city has to offer in a relaxing setting. When you introduce professional transportation to the mix, you aren't going to have to worry about things like ordering multiple Ubers, finding a designated driver, or dealing with directions to places you might not have visited before. There's no question about the safety of passengers when a limo or party bus is along for the ride!

Scribner Bend Vineyards
Located along Highway 160 in the Delta, this winery and expanse of vineyards is known as one of the best wedding venues in the area, but that's not all! The beautiful grounds with roses and olive trees will welcome you to these estates. Don't leave without trying their Sparkling Almond Wine, it's unlike anything you've tasted before.

Revolution Wines
East of downtown Sacramento you will find Revolution Wines, a wine tasting room with a lot to offer. If you're lucky, you can find savings for food and drink on Groupon! It is a family owned wine room with both farm to table and farm to glass options, so you can feel great about supporting more than one local business when you're spending time here.

Cabana Winery and Bistro
If you're familiar with the Renwood Winery, you'll be glad to know that the owner has also distributed his wine making talents to this winery and bistro in East Sacramento. Many locals refer to this as a hidden gem, but we're not sure how much longer this will be kept a secret! The tasting plates pair perfectly with their local wine selections.

The Underground Tasting Room
Located downtown right next to the California State Railroad Museum, this option hosts tasting options from two local wineries. It's a great choice to consider when you find yourself downtown! They don't have a ton of choices as far as food goes, but that can be taken care of at one of the many top rated surrounding restaurants.

Enjoy your newly purchased bottles of wine on board with cup holders, convenient counter tops, and spacious seating. You can control exactly what you want to listen to with the auxiliary cord attached to the professional quality sound system! There's nothing quite like the addition of a party bus in Sacramento! At the end of the day, you'll see exactly why it's important to set aside time to simply enjoy your surroundings with loved ones.

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Summer Outfitspiration Galore!

Happy Sunday everyone! I have been absolutely loving all the fun, clean summer looks going on this season. You have lots of fun stripes, tassels and pom poms as well as on of my personal favorites for easy outfit coordination... white pants! I know they can be scary to wear when you are out and about, but they just add that extra crisp look and keep you coolly matched with anything. I am a big advocate of black attire as well, but during these hot summer days, you just have to reflect those beams of hot, steamy death with the white, am I right?

So, I thought what better way to celebrate summer fashion than to combine all my favorite things into one easy and stylish outfit! I found an amazing blue and white striped shirt with tassels from Marshall's (ON CLEARANCE!) for less than $10 and paired it with simple white cropped jeans. I added in my favorite black hat to help keep my face shaded and hair managed. I threw on some chunky black heels and finished it off with my favorite white Kate Spade purse. Voila, summer-ready for lots of fun in the sun.

If you are like me and enjoy a simple Sunday with some bonus deliciousness, be sure to head over to Vic's to hang out with your favorite pals, catch up on the happenings around town and enjoy double scoops of ice cream! My favorite flavors there are cookies n' cream and coffee. So stinking good and I didn't even get any on my pants... wooohhooooo!

I hope this outfit gives you lots of inspiration to find your own favorite summer look for less. Be sure to share what your favorite summer fashion trends are and where you wear them below!

It's a Boy! Welcome Home, Kirkland!

Kirkland is a chocolate lab and we hope he will be a big one. Just based on his large paw size, we are thinking this will be true. He has grown so quickly in size and ability, it has felt like we have had him for much longer than a few months. Time goes too quickly with any fur baby, so we have really been trying to capitalize on taking photos to document these special moments.

Our darling puppy has finally had all his preliminary shots and training after these first few months with us. Wow... we totally forgot that having a puppy is basically like having a newborn child. Late nights of crying, non-stop bathroom breaks and you cannot close your eyes for one little tiny second. We are so glad we have stuck through it though to get him trained right, and also sleeping in his own bed (sorry, buddy).

Some of his skills include using the bathroom on queue, sit, stay, shake and paw. He even knows to shake with both by us telling him we want the other paw after the first shake. *proud mom crying happy face* We are still working on the perfected down motion and also bringing back the toys consistently, but we are definitely seeing progress each day.

So what is next for this little guy you ask? Well, certainly more walks are in his future as well as some trips. Since we still have snow in Tahoe so late this year, maybe a quick impromptu trip there as well as some camping. He also loves his cousin Wrigley, so we are hoping for some more family time with him and to help us continue to use up his unending abundance of energy.

We are happy to have the joy and love of a paw-fect dog son again. I would love to hear more about your favorite memories of your pet's growing up below! More of Kirky's adventures to come soon, but until then enjoy these adorable photos of him.