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Summer Outfitspiration Galore!

Happy Sunday everyone! I have been absolutely loving all the fun, clean summer looks going on this season. You have lots of fun stripes, tassels and pom poms as well as on of my personal favorites for easy outfit coordination... white pants! I know they can be scary to wear when you are out and about, but they just add that extra crisp look and keep you coolly matched with anything. I am a big advocate of black attire as well, but during these hot summer days, you just have to reflect those beams of hot, steamy death with the white, am I right?

So, I thought what better way to celebrate summer fashion than to combine all my favorite things into one easy and stylish outfit! I found an amazing blue and white striped shirt with tassels from Marshall's (ON CLEARANCE!) for less than $10 and paired it with simple white cropped jeans. I added in my favorite black hat to help keep my face shaded and hair managed. I threw on some chunky black heels and finished it off with my favorite white Kate Spade purse. Voila, summer-ready for lots of fun in the sun.

If you are like me and enjoy a simple Sunday with some bonus deliciousness, be sure to head over to Vic's to hang out with your favorite pals, catch up on the happenings around town and enjoy double scoops of ice cream! My favorite flavors there are cookies n' cream and coffee. So stinking good and I didn't even get any on my pants... wooohhooooo!

I hope this outfit gives you lots of inspiration to find your own favorite summer look for less. Be sure to share what your favorite summer fashion trends are and where you wear them below!


  1. Wow love this Britney! Makes me feel cooler and inspired to tackle this hot weather :)

    1. Annise you are so sweet! I am so glad you gleaned a little bit of summer inspiration by stopping by. <3