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Blogger's Nomination~ The Awesome Blogger Award

Today is Sunday, and I think that is a great day for reflection and gratitude. One thing I have been thinking about a lot is my blogging journey. It feels like it has been such a good way to find myself and keep focused on things that make me happy. It was not so long ago where I finally got the courage to pick a blog name after a serious brainstorming session and many thesaurus words later and publish my first post.

Here we are three years later and there have been many ups and downs, but Seams & Sprinkles is still going strong in my life and always being the platform for whatever I need it to be! Even more amazing are the connections that it has allowed me to have, both near and far, in person and what feels like in the unicorn galaxy. It has been so awesome to be energized by fellow bloggers and grow to become true friends and comrades!

I feel extremely grateful that one of my newest pals, Ana Christie, has taken time to nominate me for The Awesome Blogger Award. We have connected a lot through social media and have been enjoying some of the same fun around our local area that we often chat about, too! Especially our love for local coffee shops.

For this award, the rules are simple:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Tag it under #awesomebloggeraward in the Reader
  • Answer the questions your nominator gave you.
  • Nominate at least 5 awesome bloggers.
  • Give your nominees 10 new questions to answer.
  • Let your nominees know that they've been nominated.

Now for the fun part, here are the answers to Ana Christie's questions for me! 

  • If you would describe yourself in 2 words, what would they be and why?
A: I think the best way I could describe myself in a short way would be "unicorn princess." I love all things that are unicorn-inspired as well as the playfulness of what makes a Disney princess. These are the stories that I grew up loving and helped me to continue to believe in happily ever afters even among the most difficult circumstances I have encountered through my life. 

  • What moved you to create & publish your blog?
A: I created and first published my blog when I needed a creative outlet in my life. I have always enjoyed writing so I think this was a natural way to share for me. My goal has always been to share ideas, support, and positivity to others through my posts. I think as long as that always reigns true for me I will always have a place for blogging in my life. 

  • What were your first blogging struggles and how did you overcome them?
A: When I first started blogging, the movement of e-courses was on the rise. There were people all over the place telling me how to be the best blogger, to time this and incorporate that. It all became very overwhelming and made me feel unsuccessful at first because I didn't want to be constrained by rules or have the pressure of having a certain following. I realized this was not conducive to my growth or making me enjoy my hobby at all and I decided to start making my own goals and maintaining what I felt was the appropriate avenue for success. I have found that has been immensely helpful and sustainable for me and there is no looking back!

  • Do you photograph your blog posts images or does someone else do it for you?
A: For me, it is a combination of both. I have really wanted to save up for a new camera soon, but I am not quite there just yet. I do really enjoy collaborating with photographers though because I think it gives us a great opportunity to connect with others and learn from each other as well as let each creative mind focus on what they are best at. I think that is what will continue to help us be innovative as we grow during our journey. 

  • How do you market/share your blog?
A: Right now I use various social media platforms to share my content including my PinterestFacebook page, and Instagram account. I have also been enjoying the live interaction of live Instagram stories or sneak peeks for upcoming content. 

  • Tell us about the things you love aside from blogging and how you incorporate them into your blog posts.
A: Some of my other favorite things are baking, fashion and finding ways to make things myself. I often include all these ideas into my blog and don't feel the pressure to niche down into any of the topics because I enjoy a variety of things. I want my blog and other content to always be a reflection of the eclectic person that I am.

  • How do you make time to meet the demands of the blogging world, while still having a healthy family and social life?
A: I always place my family and health first. Blogging is my creative and fun passion, but nothing can take the place of quality time spent with people you know, love and have always been there for you. It is very important to take breaks, put your phone down for a bit and just focus on the important things in life. I cannot say if I will or will not be blogging forever, but I know I want to make sure I have my health, happiness and loving family forever. 

  • If you were given the chance to work with a famous blogger, who would it be and why?
A: The first person that comes to mind when I think about this question is Color Me Courtney. She is such a kind, helpful and honest blogger. I consistently see her taking time to address real issues like body positivity and also ensuring to answer any questions or comments from her readers. I know it can be a lot of work, but I really appreciate that she wants each person to feel heard. Not only is she a great human, in my opinion, I also really love all her modern vintage looks and colorful crafty projects. I would say she is definitely one of the people out there I consider a unicorn Barbie princess sister! 

  • What is your personal mantra?
A: One of my favorite quotes and mantras to live by is "Be somebody that makes everybody feel like a somebody" coined by the very wise Kid President. In life, we are here for a short time and we have no idea what someone is really struggling with. As a person who has gone through many bouts of depression, it can mean so much to just be acknowledged with a smile, a little extra support on a tough day or having someone there to remind you that the day is always darkest before the dawn. It takes more effort not to smile or make eye contact with someone, so why not just make that person feel important by doing simple things like saying hello...even if they are a stranger! 

Now I get to pay it forward by nominating some other amazing bloggers in my life that I have come to know and love. The ladies I would love to hear more about and celebrate with this Awesome Blogger Award are:

  1.  Lacy of Laceyfitspo
  2. Erica of Catwalks and Confetti 
  3. Jackie of Jackie Unfiltered
  4. Katrina of Chic Little House
  5. Amanda of Sugar with Style

My burning questions for you all are:

  1. Who inspires you most creatively and why?
  2. If money were no object, how would you spend your days?
  3. What has been one of the hardest lessons you have had to learn as a blogger? 
  4. What are some of your favorite applications or software for blogging?
  5. What advice would you give someone interested in beginning their blogging journey?
  6. Do you have any exciting new projects on the horizon, if so what?
  7. Who is your number one fan and how do they help you stay motivated each day?
  8. Do you have a pet? Tell us a bit more about them!
  9. What gives you the greatest sense of joy?
  10. What are you most proud of on your blogging journey to date?

I am absolutely tingling with anticipation for how you ladies will answer and inspire us all with a little bit more of your story. Please let me know when you are done by commenting or sending me over a quick message (no rush though). 

Thank you to everyone for reading along and celebrating this lovely accomplishment with me, I am always grateful and humbled by your grace and support. If there is anything else you would like to know about or know more of, feel free to drop me a line in the comments and I will be sure to answer it! 

Take care and have an absolutely fantastic week my friends. I will talk to you soon!

Overcome your fear of wearing white!

Roses are red, violets are blue, I wear white whenever I want, and so should you! I know there are fashion rules out there, but who says we need to abide by them? I am a proponent of skipping the rule book and doing what makes you feel great when you wear it. One rule I know is that we aren't supposed to wear it after Labor Day... how about NO! I know this holiday is coming up, so you heard it here first, get over the fears you have and just wear the white. You are going to look amazing. I schweddah gah.

Today I wanted to share a lovely baby doll dress I recently purchased and wore to hang around at the Old Sugar Mill for some delicious wine tasting. It was wonderful because it went with the summer weather and made me feel dressed for the occasion without being too over the top. It was comfortable and had just the right amount of breathing room. So necessary, right ladies?

The other thing I love is the lacy details and cutout shoulders. Just enough panache to show a more feminine touch for the day. In the summer I think it is nice to pair these flowy dresses with nude shoes and soft pink purses! Who doesn't love a good blushing purse to accent your lovely lady looks (sorry, not lumps this time for those of you who started singing along)? I also added in my beautiful matching pink gemstone earrings and necklace that my wonderful husband got me so long ago while we were still dating. I love these little momentos that take me back to such a happy time while also making all new memories. The goodness just keeps flowing in and I love it!

I hope this inspires you to keep on wearing white while we still have many warm and fun days ahead to fill with adventures. This look would be great for an evening date night, a trip to a new venue or even a sweet celebration such as a baby shower. Tell me where you plan to wear an outfit like this in the comments below!

Photos by Seeking the Sea Photography

T-Shirt Dress 3 Ways Mini-Series: Fun, Flirty and a Little Fancy

Yes, we made it to the final edition of my three part mini-series all about styling fabulous t-shirt dress! I am so glad to have you join me along this journey to gain some outfitspiration for all occasions. I hope that the first two looks helped you gather some new and old things in your closet to create amazing cohesive looks and I have one final idea for you that will showcase all options for whatever you will be up to!

This is my fun, flirty and a little fancy look for a night on the town. It is taking all you love about the t-shirt dress such as the comfort factor, ease of matching and also ability to stay cool on these hot summer nights and taking that up a notch to wear to a fancy schmantsy place! We all want to feel a bit more special when we go out, but it doesn't have to be a big "to-do" with this look. Whoohoo, all the feels with all the wins!

For this last look of the mini-series (I know, I am sad, too) I found this great almost-fall orange dress with just the right amount of detail on it and paired it with some chunky black heels and a black iPhone size purse made just for the essentials. It makes a difference to have the convenience of the necessities without lugging around a huge purse full of who knows what while you are out in the dark trying to find your ID! Trust me, go with the small purses and bring only what you must. For me that is my phone, lipstick, ID and credit card... and maybe some gum or mints. You don't want to be on point with everything BUT your breath! Can I get an *amen*?

My finishing touch for this simple fancied up getup was to add a few bangle bracelets to tie it all together. A few had color to pair with the dress and a few were gold to accent the clasps on my shoes. Not too complicated, right?

Thank you so much again for tuning in each week to catch up on all my ideas for the incredible t-shirt dress. I hope you have seen some things you like and can easily incorporate into your daily outfit selection routine. 

Do me a quick favor and drop me a line in the comments and let me know what you'd like to see on Seams & Sprinkles next. I'd really love to hear from you and help get you the content you want! 

T-Shirt Dress 3 Ways Mini-Series: Effortless and Carefree Semi-Casual

Hello and welcome back for our second edition of the t-shirt dress mini-series. I am so happy to see you again and help me share how fun we can make the multi-purpose t-shirt dress be! Last time I shared the everyday style that is great for comfort, lounging around or running those essential errands that we all dread but must do. Since we have the business look out of the way, let's move on to a little bit more fun, shall we?

For this effortless and carefree look, I grabbed my new and incredibly soft green t-shirt dress that my thoughtful husband got for me. I decided to pair it with my favorite grey hat that has a brown belt accent that goes perfectly with my brown cork chunky heels. Chunky heels are absolutely great if you have a lot of walking around to do while enjoying yourself and your feet won't absolutely hate you! Blisters and tenderness can be pretty hard on you for a while, and we want you feeling good so you can keep shining at all the events you can, right!?!

Next up, I put the finishing touches on my accessorizing by adding in a simple flower necklace and white wicker purse. I love these little wicker purses because they help bring in some seriously functional modern vintage touches to all my looks. I am getting my collection going now with a few different ones I have been fortunate enough to find for cheap on Poshmark! I am hoping to find a black one soon, so if you know where to get one please tell me.

I hope this edition of the mini-series finds you well and getting ready for your own amazing semi-casual event. Once you pick out your fabulous outfit, share the details with me below so we can keep this inspiration train on the move for everyone! There's one more look in the mini-series coming up so be sure to tune in next week so you don't miss it.

P.S. is a secret, but this last look is my favorite one and it is amazing, so for real, come back next week and bring a friend!!

T-Shirt Dress 3 Ways Mini-Series: Comfy, Casual and Cool

Hello Seams & Sprinkles friends! How the heck have you been? Are you feeling as hot as I am during these peak summer months? Sheesh, how many waves of heat will keep crashing down on us? All I can say is YUCK!

Well, one of my favorite things to wear during these crazy hot days that can be worn in so many different settings is the t-shirt dress. I am talking from comfy casual around the house to a fancy night out on the town at a chic new restaurant because this staple wardrobe piece can do it all. To help showcase the multifaceted opportunities the amazing t-shirt dress can have I am dropping this sweet mini-series in your life to help get you inspired and set for the next event coming your way!

My first look for you is the comfy, casual and cool look. This is what I have to say would be my number one go-to because it is all about comfort, sometimes a little more than being fashionable, don't you think? It is how we spend most of our time while we relax at home with company or are out running the necessary errands, so for me comfy, causal and cool is my happy place!

For this look, I have paired a green and white striped t-shirt dress with my jean jacket and comfortable Levi's slip on shoes. I added in some fun colored glasses to go with my pin swag on my jean jacket (total must-have here, people!) and a simple black vintage Liz Claiborne black purse I found at Thrift Town a while ago. I know you must have some of these pieces just dying for a day out, so collect them and enjoy a simple stylish look out while you grab those groceries for your meal prep or meet a friend for coffee to catch up!


Make sure you stay tuned for the next edition of this fun mini-series and don't forget to share where you would wear your comfy, casual and cool t-shirt dress style with me below!