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Overcome your fear of wearing white!

Roses are red, violets are blue, I wear white whenever I want, and so should you! I know there are fashion rules out there, but who says we need to abide by them? I am a proponent of skipping the rule book and doing what makes you feel great when you wear it. One rule I know is that we aren't supposed to wear it after Labor Day... how about NO! I know this holiday is coming up, so you heard it here first, get over the fears you have and just wear the white. You are going to look amazing. I schweddah gah.

Today I wanted to share a lovely baby doll dress I recently purchased and wore to hang around at the Old Sugar Mill for some delicious wine tasting. It was wonderful because it went with the summer weather and made me feel dressed for the occasion without being too over the top. It was comfortable and had just the right amount of breathing room. So necessary, right ladies?

The other thing I love is the lacy details and cutout shoulders. Just enough panache to show a more feminine touch for the day. In the summer I think it is nice to pair these flowy dresses with nude shoes and soft pink purses! Who doesn't love a good blushing purse to accent your lovely lady looks (sorry, not lumps this time for those of you who started singing along)? I also added in my beautiful matching pink gemstone earrings and necklace that my wonderful husband got me so long ago while we were still dating. I love these little momentos that take me back to such a happy time while also making all new memories. The goodness just keeps flowing in and I love it!

I hope this inspires you to keep on wearing white while we still have many warm and fun days ahead to fill with adventures. This look would be great for an evening date night, a trip to a new venue or even a sweet celebration such as a baby shower. Tell me where you plan to wear an outfit like this in the comments below!

Photos by Seeking the Sea Photography


  1. Love your pretty white dress paired with your sandals such a pretty look!

    1. Thank you so much! I am so glad you are enjoying the total get up. Have a lovely rest of the weekend.