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T-Shirt Dress 3 Ways Mini-Series: Comfy, Casual and Cool

Hello Seams & Sprinkles friends! How the heck have you been? Are you feeling as hot as I am during these peak summer months? Sheesh, how many waves of heat will keep crashing down on us? All I can say is YUCK!

Well, one of my favorite things to wear during these crazy hot days that can be worn in so many different settings is the t-shirt dress. I am talking from comfy casual around the house to a fancy night out on the town at a chic new restaurant because this staple wardrobe piece can do it all. To help showcase the multifaceted opportunities the amazing t-shirt dress can have I am dropping this sweet mini-series in your life to help get you inspired and set for the next event coming your way!

My first look for you is the comfy, casual and cool look. This is what I have to say would be my number one go-to because it is all about comfort, sometimes a little more than being fashionable, don't you think? It is how we spend most of our time while we relax at home with company or are out running the necessary errands, so for me comfy, causal and cool is my happy place!

For this look, I have paired a green and white striped t-shirt dress with my jean jacket and comfortable Levi's slip on shoes. I added in some fun colored glasses to go with my pin swag on my jean jacket (total must-have here, people!) and a simple black vintage Liz Claiborne black purse I found at Thrift Town a while ago. I know you must have some of these pieces just dying for a day out, so collect them and enjoy a simple stylish look out while you grab those groceries for your meal prep or meet a friend for coffee to catch up!


Make sure you stay tuned for the next edition of this fun mini-series and don't forget to share where you would wear your comfy, casual and cool t-shirt dress style with me below! 


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    1. Thank you so much for taking time to have a look and leave your note of support!

  2. So cute!! I love wearing my denim jacket with striped anything.

    1. I totally agree! Thanks for stopping by and showing love <3!