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T-Shirt Dress 3 Ways Mini-Series: Fun, Flirty and a Little Fancy

Yes, we made it to the final edition of my three part mini-series all about styling fabulous t-shirt dress! I am so glad to have you join me along this journey to gain some outfitspiration for all occasions. I hope that the first two looks helped you gather some new and old things in your closet to create amazing cohesive looks and I have one final idea for you that will showcase all options for whatever you will be up to!

This is my fun, flirty and a little fancy look for a night on the town. It is taking all you love about the t-shirt dress such as the comfort factor, ease of matching and also ability to stay cool on these hot summer nights and taking that up a notch to wear to a fancy schmantsy place! We all want to feel a bit more special when we go out, but it doesn't have to be a big "to-do" with this look. Whoohoo, all the feels with all the wins!

For this last look of the mini-series (I know, I am sad, too) I found this great almost-fall orange dress with just the right amount of detail on it and paired it with some chunky black heels and a black iPhone size purse made just for the essentials. It makes a difference to have the convenience of the necessities without lugging around a huge purse full of who knows what while you are out in the dark trying to find your ID! Trust me, go with the small purses and bring only what you must. For me that is my phone, lipstick, ID and credit card... and maybe some gum or mints. You don't want to be on point with everything BUT your breath! Can I get an *amen*?

My finishing touch for this simple fancied up getup was to add a few bangle bracelets to tie it all together. A few had color to pair with the dress and a few were gold to accent the clasps on my shoes. Not too complicated, right?

Thank you so much again for tuning in each week to catch up on all my ideas for the incredible t-shirt dress. I hope you have seen some things you like and can easily incorporate into your daily outfit selection routine. 

Do me a quick favor and drop me a line in the comments and let me know what you'd like to see on Seams & Sprinkles next. I'd really love to hear from you and help get you the content you want! 

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