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Cupcakes are Muffins that Believed in Miracles

As a child, I was adorned with the nickname "Muffinhead" by my grandfather. He said my head just looked like a little muffin top. If you have ever seen my hair I am sure you can imagine how it must have been as a kid and back then it was also so curly sometimes it had to be cut to be brushed. This nickname stuck throughout my life and never bothered or embarrassed me; I always thought it was so cute and happy. I would get gift certificates to massages and whathaveyou for my birthdays with that name and the folks were always tickled when I came in to redeem my coupon! I would always hear things like, "Oh, you are Muffinhead!" Again, never once embarrassed by that! As I got older my grandpa decided that just "Muffin" was more suited for a young adult and that was what he always called me up until the last time I saw him before he passed away this February.

Whenever I see this quote, "Cupcakes are Muffins that Believed in Miracles" it makes me think of him, his special nickname for me and all that I have gone through in my life that I think fits my journey so well in this cheery line. So I would like to dedicate this post to him and celebrate his belief in me so that I could one day become a cupcake if I just kept believing in the miracle of life; even though I wanted to give up many times along the way! He also always used to recite the Don't Quit poem to me anytime I had a moment of wanting to give up during those tough times. Thanks for always being there for me, grandpa and helping me make sure I never quit.

I hope you enjoy this outfit inspired by these sweet memories and you remember not to quit so those miracles can come true for you my sweet muffins!

This cupcake skirt with amazing pockets can be found on Unique Vintage and is paired with a plain black button up cardigan, black t-strap heels and white wicker purse. The outfit is so fun and a great way to make sure I keep all these memories fresh in my mind each time I wear it. Do you have a childhood nickname or memory like the one above? Throw it down in the comments; I would love to give it a read!

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