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Here's your Romper-tunity to Get Ready to go Somewhere!

Happy September to each of you. I keep telling my husband that I feel like we were just ringing in the New Year yesterday... where does the time go? For us, we continue to have heat waves in the area, so I am not quite sure I am feeling like fall is actually around the corner just yet. I am still rocking the summer outfits even though I am more than ready to adorn my body with boots and scarves! The weather is just currently fighting me on this one.

Since it is a holiday weekend, I figured why not share an easy outfit to keep you cool but also feeling ready to have a little bit of fun. It doesn't require too much and when you just slip it on and head out the door, how can you turn down your friends and family who still want to party while you have the long weekend ahead to celebrate?

Now is your romper-tunity! For this simple look, I have a layered and pleated romper paired with some of my most favorite brown chunky heels and brown leather bag. I added in a more simple statement necklace that has pops of pink, silver and white to tie it all together. So easy, right? So just head to your closet, grab a romper you have been meaning to wear and pair it with a matching bag and shoe set and you are ready to hit the town. It will keep you cooler and minimize the number of things you need to put together. I don't want you melting while trying to assemble your ensemble! 

Photos by Seeking the Sea Photography

I hope you stay cool as we wait patiently to get to snuggle weather! Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know what you decided to do with this romper-tunity to get out and about for the holiday weekend. Cheers, friends! 

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