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No Excuses: 6 Week Slimdown by Foxie Fitness

Am I the only one who never quite got a summer body and now summer has come and passed by? I don't know what the heck happened. I even teamed up to try a mini Biggest Loser far that has also been zero percent motivation for me either. I was just feeling like I don't know what the heck to do anymore. I feel so hopeless sometimes when it comes to fitness and eating better because it seems hard, that is until I heard my friend Rebecca Fox had a simple solution for me that requires no thinking just action!

Finally, someone has laid it all out in several ways for me and I am set up with no excuses just a simple method to follow. I am not good at these things unless they are spelled out; really and truly. I am easily bored by workouts and would much rather eat ice cream and watch Disney movies, but I have to say these workouts created by Rebecca that you do at home in a jiffy are right up my alley! She is great about offering a helping hand if you have additional questions and really making you feel supported through your fitness journey. I love that her aim is to help women feel more empowered and confident in themselves.

Not only have I learned a lot by doing her simple workouts before, I have also enjoyed her additional resources on her website as a well as her quick check-in ideas through Instagram. Like did you know that you need to warm up your glutes before you start working them out? I had no idea and no wonder the target workouts I was doing had not been yielding the best results! Knowledge is power and if you don't like working out like me, then we certainly need to work smarter and not harder.

I swear you are just going to love Rebecca if you try her out, so are you with me? Then let's stop making excuses and start this fitness journey! You can purchase the plan on Rebecca's Foxie Fitness page here:

Thank you again for all your help, support and motivation. You are the best, Rebecca! Feel free to check out her Instagram, Facebook or website for more information or to connect with her. I am sure she would love to hear from you and answer those confusing fitness and nutrition questions you have.

I hope you all enjoy the program and please comment with any additional suggestions if you have them. Keep progressing towards your fitness goals, my friends and let's start this next week out strong (see what I did there)!


  1. The struggle is real! I am currently on the lazy and eat all the Halloween candy diet. #truth Anyway, good luck! I did 2 rounds of the 21 Day Fix in 2016 and it was AMAZING! But it takes planning and discipline and well, see above #lazy. Ha ha!! So nice to meet you in person last night. Have a fab day!

    1. The holidays sure do make it hard for us to get into our fitness goals, huh? It was great to meet you and I am looking forward to hanging out more! Take care and have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Gabby!