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Unicorns, Sprinkles and Cupcakes... Oh My!

The funny thing about that title is that the dress I am sharing today has all of these things and more, and I know you are not surprised, but it is also my favorite color... Barbie pink!! This dress gave me the hookup, holla' if ya' hear me *uhhhhhhh*. Even better, I was able to pair it with sparkly shoes AND a cupcake purse. I know, I am pinching you right now because you are actually not dreaming.

It is Friday and I think this outfit is fitting for preparing for a magical weekend ahead so I thought I would go ahead and just share it with you to get some fun started up in here, up in here!

So you can see I have my gorgeous (must-have) Hell Bunny pink unicorn and cupcake dress paired with silver t-strap sparkle heels and a too-cute-for-words cupcake purse, both from Unique Vintage. No vintage-inspired look is complete without my great grandmother's pearls and some whipped up victory rolls. I remember when I first tried this hairstyle for my engagement shoot many moons ago and it is nice how much easier they are to do now than when I first started. So if it looks daunting, don't worry, give it whirl and know that practice does make perfect or at least easier.

I hope you enjoy this outfit combination as much as I do, and even if you don't like this print, maybe this will inspire you to venture out a little with some fun print you normally wouldn't wear! Who knows, you may be brave from now on once you try your first crazy print, I know I certainly am now.

So, here I go jumping into the weekend, ready to sparkle, unicorn and cupcake the heck out of it! Please share one thing you are doing this weekend with me below. 

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