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Holiday Party Style: The Little Black Dress

Cue it... IT'S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!! I don't know about you, but my favorite time of the year is definitely the winter holidays. There is just something so magical about the season of giving, spending time with loved ones and believing in Santa! I am glad to add new traditions of our own each year to the mix to make it really special to us. My favorite traditions now include making my favorite Crock-Pot hot cocoa bar, wearing onesies on Christmas morning and taking holiday photos with our pets (a crazy, yet cute experience each time).

This year I was beyond blessed to join The Blog Bloc and really get my creative juices flowing by meeting so many amazing creatives in my area. I cannot express how much fun it has been to meet new people, navigate out of my comfort zone and enjoy the opportunity to learn so many new things from so many amazing people all throughout the year! What better way to commemorate these moments than to get together with my girls from this amazing group at a fun and new location- The Sawyer Hotel in the downtown Sacramento area.

We thought it would be fun to each wear a favorite little black dress that made each of us feel and look great and celebrate our own unique styles. You certainly can't go wrong with a black dress for the holiday events you have coming up because it helps hide the imperfections and highlight your assets, can be used for any variety of event and is always easily dressed up with a splash of color or perfect accessories!

Photography provided by Seeking the Sea Photography

I chose a Grace Karin black Vintage Tea Dress that you can find in a variety of patterns and colors for very reasonable prices on Amazon. I am a lover of the vintage style already, so I always feel my best when I have these beauties on. I especially love that hourglass shape they give you. I added in a Grace Karin black petticoat that you can also find on Amazon for some extra fancy fluff for your upcoming special occasions. Now, it wouldn't be a holiday party without some razzle-dazzle sparkles would it?

I don't think so! For my sparkle, I was fortunate enough to stop by The Pomegranate Boutique and happened to find the cutest Peter Pan-like collar necklace that worked perfectly with the cut of the dress. Thank you so much, Stella, for gifting me this lovely piece that worked so well! I also had some black stockings with little gems on it that I figured why not add them in for even more of that evening flare. And with that, you have my simple, yet slightly holiday spicy little black dress getup!

Now that you have some of my personalized party dress inspiration, please head over to my fellow blogger's pages to get even more ideas and find the style that makes you feel your cheery best at Racquel and The Kachet Life! But before you go, be sure to tell me what your favorite holiday party style is below in the comments. Enjoy amazingly blessed holidays, friends!


  1. I love your look Britney! I'm so glad I got to meet you this year!

    1. Thank you! It has been wonderful hanging out with a fellow unicorn all throughout the year. :)

  2. You look so pretty, as all the ladies do and I love those tights!!

  3. Thank you so much, Katrina! I am so glad we met each other and get to have iced latte dates all the time now. <3