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5 Life-Changing Ways to Use Dollar Store Goodies for Cupcake Toppers

Dollar stores are usually pretty conveniently located and can provide a variety of affordable options for cooking, baking, or crafting. I have recently made a simple wreath from dollar store craft supplies, as well as added some flair to gift baskets for the holidays with items that range from awesome novels to wine glasses to finalize the whole kit and caboodle for those vino lovers out there. I know decorating cupcakes can be a bit challenging, so today I am sharing my favorite life-changing ways to use dollar store goodies to make fabulous cupcakes without the cost or baking expertise! The best part is that these are also kid-friendly if you have a mini baking assistant interested in lending a hand. Are you ready for this cheap adventure?

First, since it is Easter time, let's start with the Peeps! They come in packs so they are great to use when you have a large batch of cupcakes you want to look extra cute for all your favorite "peeps"! You could use the bunnies or the chicks and a variety of new flavors if your guests of honor don't care so much for the original flavor. As a side note, try not to prepare these too far in advance otherwise your Peeps may start to harden a bit. Aren't they so adorable?

Next, I am showing two different size gumballs here. The extra-large pastel colors and smaller red ones that look like a sweet little cherry on top. You could even drizzle some chocolate sauce over the top of the frosting and with rainbow sprinkles before adding the red mini gumball to make it look like a hot fudge precious!

Speaking of rainbow sprinkles, the dollar store has great, bright-colored rainbow sprinkles that are simple as a topper for cupcakes, but look fun and adorable just the same! Nothing screams "birthday" to me more than rainbow sprinkles! Don't you agree? These sprinkles are also great for making Funfetti cookies, which are a birthday celebration staple of mine.

Are you more of a candy person? How about Ring Pops? These are especially great for a wedding or bridal celebration for your favorite bride to be! If you like it, you gotta put a ring on it! Kids will also really enjoy them because they get two sweet snacks in one.

Finally, any type of colorful sucker adds a great pop of color and can be used in a variety of settings or themed parties. From unicorn celebrations to a party under the circus tent, these rainbow suckers will surely catch everyone's eye and add to the magic of your event. Because these suckers have all these bright colors, they will also look great mixed and matched with other desserts or cupcakes in your party display!

So fear not, as shown here, you can make fantastic desserts without all the hassle of baking supplies or the cost of them either! Head down to the candy aisle at your nearest dollar store and see what charming goodies you might be able to find to use on your next baking adventure. Be sure to leave a note in the comments section below and tell me what candies or treats are your favorite cupcake toppers to use when you make cupcakes.

Have a hoppy Easter everyone!

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