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29 Weeks: A Sweet and Stylish Thing!

Hi everyone! I am here to share a little retro-inspired fashion post I did with my photographer at 29 weeks at a local favorite place, Rick's Dessert Diner! I am sure you all know by now I just love my vintage things, from locations to looks and this photo shoot could not have meshed the two together more perfectly for me.

I found this beautiful gently used Lindy Bop dress with the cutest city print and hot air balloons on it that I was also able to re-wear for our work baby shower that was also hot air balloon themed. I think it really came together with all the fun in the atmosphere at Rick's. I also tried their milkshakes there for props yes, but also because during pregnancy (and yes, most other times) I am all about my sweets. This one was absolutely delicious so I suggest you have one if you are ever downtown looking for something to satisfy your after-meal cravings.



Photos by Little B Photo
I hope you enjoy this  vintage look and maternity outfit inspiration as much as I did! I cannot wait to share more fun things to come as we wrap up our final trimester of pregnancy, so be sure you stay tuned in so you don't miss a thing.

Two Trimesters Down, One to Go!

I remember this time of year last year, it was tough. I was sad going through the ups and downs of figuring out the cause of our many years of infertility. There were many scary moments of the unknown and also many more tears shed. It is so crazy to think that that journey has lead me right to this moment a year later with just about 10 weeks of pregnancy left until I meet my sweet baby girl!

So what exactly have I been up to for these 29 weeks? I would love to tell you with a quick little recap post now that life is a little less hectic for the moment!

At the beginning of this year, I took some time and space to start to find myself. I was having some issues with the ovulation kits and timing of everything to get pregnant after my surgery last year and needed to break away from all the pressure I was feeling about conceiving. I got more into my blog and prepped a bunch of posts, tested out some cool new things like float therapy and started coming around to accepting all the things I had in life to look forward to instead of just focusing on what I didn't have. Well, I guess I just really needed this self-proscribed chill pill because it ended up making all the difference in the world for our dream to come true!

Fast forward to a few weeks later on March 18th, I am a few days late and beyond terrified to take another pregnancy test. I finally decide that we can't wait any longer to know if we are pregnant or not so I ask my husband to just go grab us some cheap Dollar Tree tests while grabbing breakfast items with my in-laws since we were staying at their house for the weekend. I take one test by myself in the bathroom reads positive!! I call my husband in and I take the next also reads positive!! I cannot even begin to tell you all the things we felt in this exact moment. We held each other close, barely breathing while time just stood still. This moment is still one of the most precious to me of this entire journey.

Shortly after this and scheduling our 8-week appointment I had some minor spotting, which caused me quite a bit of stress and initial terror. After a little bit of blood work for a few days the tests came back that my hormones were increasing appropriately and what I most likely experienced were some implantation symptoms. What happened next is what I like to call my "blackout period."

For the rest of my first trimester, I was sick day and night. I would need to eat immediately once my alarm went off or I would be stuck hugging the toilet in between preparing myself for work. This would usually hold me over until right when I got to my floor at work, at which point I would have to make a mad dash back to the restroom before starting my day. I would just try to keep food with me at all times so I never got hungry and I could lessen the number of times I needed to chill with Sir Flushes A Lot! My nights were not much better. I typically got home and just slept on the couch and thankfully my husband was able to take care of everything else from cooking to cleaning. Without him, we wouldn't have made it through this crazy first third.

Once the second trimester finally kicked in and we began sharing the news it got exponentially easier in so many ways and many exciting things began to happen as the weeks went on. Around the 17 week mark, I began working with a photographer once a month to capture my fun milestones of this journey. Our first session we focused on butterflies since I was beginning to feel the very subtle moves that almost feel like a little tickle or when you get butterflies in your stomach. It was so wonderful to start feeling those throughout the day so we would know this is really happening! There is a person growing inside of me!!

Another really fun aspect of the second trimester was finding out what we were going to be having. For some reason all along I thought it was a girl. Anytime I thought about our baby in my head I would think, "my daughter." The hardest part was waiting after our ultrasound appointment for the gender reveal party, but we made it through without cheating and it turns out I WAS RIGHT!! My future mini-me is what is in the oven.

As the weeks have continued the movements have gotten bigger and much more present, especially after some sweet snacks. This is still such a relief and also fun to be able to share with my husband who is not getting kicked on the inside all day. I think it is going to be so crazy whenever we do see that little foot or hand pressed up against my belly as she gets bigger in this third and final trimester.

On the horizon we have our baby shower coming up along with our maternity photo shoot. I am truly ecstatic for both and know it will be a great way to celebrate all the wonderful things ahead. We have also started our parenting classes and have been able to learn some interesting things to help us get prepared for what is ahead! I am looking forward to sharing more with you in my next few posts as the nesting period kicks in and we get more to-dos checked off our list. If you have any advice, must-have products or other things I HAVE to know, feel free to leave me some love in the comments. It is always good to have advice from a professional!

Take care everyone and I hope to see you around soon.

Photos by Little B Photo