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Nesting in the Nursery—Our Final Week

The past nine months are still somewhat a blur to me in all their wonder, and it is still such a beautiful miracle that a sweet little girl will be on her way any day now! The past few weeks off of work have been such a big help to start getting the room finalized, the bottles washed and all the cute clothes ready to go. I feel very fortunate that I have been able to slowly get these things done while also being able to relax before the big day. Many folks told me their baby came earlier than expected, so I was pretty nervous about that, but certainly hoping for a calm before the storm. Luckily for me, I have no labor pains or major things to report right now so we are just continuing to let the anticipation build and keep the nesting momentum going around the house.

Since we are just days (yes, single-digit days) away from our due date, I thought it would be fun to share the most recent photos we took during our 37th week in the nursery. We decided to go with a llama/alpaca theme around the room and bring in the fun colors of a Peruvian market with handmade pom pom and tassel accents. We also added in some grey and gold throughout to give it a classy finish. I hope you love this beautiful room as much as we do!

We can't wait to meet our little pumpkin and see all the magical memories we make in this precious room as she grows up. Thank you to everyone again for all your support through these past nine months and sharing in this incredible journey with us—the best is yet to come. We will catch up with you soon and if we don't get a chance to tell you, have the most wonderful holidays with all your favorite people and traditions. I have a feeling this next year is going to be quite spectacular!

My Pregnancy Go-To Products

At the beginning of the year, I started pulling back on my goals for the year to make more global decisions like using natural products and focusing on my overall health versus just simply doing things to get pregnant. I think this mindset really helped me make a lot of great lifestyle changes before I got that wonderful positive result from my at home test. It also made it easier that I was already in the habit of doing better, eating better and making better lifestyle choices so I didn't need to change my whole life around once becoming pregnant! There is a lot that happens in those first few months as you change and grow so it is certainly nice to have some extra space to focus on what you can and want to do instead of what you cannot any longer.

While I had adjusted my lifestyle a lot, on the whole, there were still things I just had no idea I would be experiencing during different phases of my pregnancy and even some of the natural products I shifted to were still a "no-no" due to some of the ingredients that can be harmful to the baby. So, I thought I would go ahead and save you some trouble and share the beauty products I have found to be most helpful to me throughout these past nine months as I wrap this journey up! 

First, I will start with the body things because you can really benefit from starting these products up from the beginning. Number one on my list is the Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter. This cream is great as you start to grow and stretch, especially when that bump pops up out of nowhere! I have used this product since my first trimester and so far (fingers crossed) I have not had any stretch marks appear. The cream is thick and rubs in well without being oily or bothersome. It is also nice that the jar lasts for a pretty long time, too! So far I am on my second jar to date. 

Another wonderful product from Burt's Bees Mama Bee line that I have absolutely loved is the peppermint leg and foot cream. My legs have been sore and tired as the months have progressed and this cream has been very comforting to them, especially when applied before bed! This cream is not overwhelming or numbing to your hands like some other creams can be... it is just the right amount! I found the cream to be especially helpful for days I have been on my feet a lot throughout the day or managed to make it to the gym. I am sure I will keep using this even post-partum as I recover! 

Now for the face stuff, this is a little bit more sporadic because I had several phases of what my face needed throughout my pregnancy! In the beginning, my face was breaking out like crazy, all over the place. Pre-pregnancy I started using the natural Alba products that worked really well for me, but then during my research, I discovered that salicylic acid is not good for your baby so I had to switch all those products out. I discovered Belli Beauty products made especially for pregnant women and decided to go with a cleanser and spot treatment duo. The cleanser is nice and refreshing and can also be left on a little longer as a mask. As my pregnancy has continued the blemishes aren't as bad and just make an appearance here and there so I whip out the spot treatment whenever I need it... easy peasy! 

My routine towards the end of my pregnancy was dry skin-focused. Who would think you could go through such opposite phases? Well, you can! Pre-pregnancy my daily moisturizer was a Pacifica kale cream for skin prone to breakouts. It was a good one for me so I decided to try out their rehab cream for my dry skin and it has worked wonders. I don't have those crazy dry patches and flakes and it has also helped a lot for my dark under-eye area. I think my skin looks firmer and more even as well, which is an added bonus I will certainly take!

When my skin is not having a breakout issue, I switched up to the Burt's Bees Soap Bark & Chamomile Cleansing Cream for my face wash in place of the Belli cleanser. This cleanser is so refreshing and good to end the day on. It leaves you with that tingly deep-down clean feeling after you get out of the shower and I have also noticed much more refined pores as well. This is another product I can see myself continuing to use even post-pregnancy. 

I hope you find these products as helpful as I did if you are entering your maternity journey and need a little direction on what is good to use! I found most of these products on Amazon or, surprisingly, at our local grocery stores like Nugget. If you had any products that you found really helpful, be sure to leave that for me in the comments so we can share that with the moms to be! I look forward to sharing more with you soon.