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Our SeaQuest Adventure

I am thrilled to share our recent family adventure to SeaQuest Folsom! My daughter is absolutely in love with all animals. Since she has been able to take interest in things, I have often found her perusing her 100 First Word animal edition books. It may seem strange since she is so young, but she is a very curious young lady who is always finding ways to learn new things and amaze us each and every day! As she has become older and more active, we have started to plan trips outside of the house that she can enjoy.

She had a few days off of daycare and we knew it was a great time to try some new things. I quickly got into planning mode and SeaQuest was one of the first opportunities that came to mind. I am happy to share that the staff I was able to work with are some of the kindest, most genuine and knowledgeable folks I have ever met. They are all excited about the work they do and take great pride in making it a memorable experience for everyone that comes to enjoy this wonderful place with them. I didn't run into one person that was not helpful or with a smile on their face.

Now, let me share all the details of our amazing tour with you! When you first arrive, you walk through the gift shop to check-in. And for some, I am sure this might be strange, but it actually got me really excited. There were so many cute animal things that were so soft and squishy-cute I just couldn't help but smile as I enthusiastically pointed out animal after animal to my daughter! The top things on my fave list were the T-Rex backpack, the llamacorn (of course) and my other favorite animal, the darling little otter... or sea dogs as we like to say. Maybe that is why we love chocolate labs so much?! I am really a sucker for these cute little things I really don't need more of, but I think that is the awesome part about having a daughter. I can just buy them for her and voila, purchase validated!

Green T-Rex Backpack with open mouth

Mother showing daughter plush sea otter

After we made it through the adorable world of the plushy animals we were greeted by our fabulous hosts for our tour. We were fortunate enough to be paired with Jason to get set up and Alex for the duration of our visit. She knew all the animals by name and so many fun facts that I never knew, too. Of the zillion questions we asked, there was no one that she couldn't answer. She is a connaisSEAur, for sure!

Female SeaQuest staff showing an iguana

I want to be sure to share some of the cool things I took note of as we walked through the exhibits so you can be prepared for your next trivia night or when helping with the school projects! Here are my top picks for what we heard throughout the tour:

  • Iguanas have three eyes! Yes, there is a spot on top of their head where you can see a whole nother eye. How have I never noticed that before?

  • Capybaras are communal nursers and they will also cuddle other animals. How precious is still my heart.

Father holding daughter to feed the Capybara at SeaQuest Folsom

  • Starfish can eat mussels. I never knew their mouth on the other side you don't see was so strong!

Brightly colored starfish under blue light at SeaQuest Folsom

  • This is kind of gross and cool at the same time...snakes shed all their skin, even the skin by their eyeballs. 

Brown snake curled up in water at SeaQuest Folsom

  • The last fact I will share is a new animal I got to see called a Garden Eel. These eels live in little tunnels and stay there their entire lives. They just sort of pop their heads up and wave about. They kind of remind me of the sky dancers you see passing a car dealership!

Garden eels popping their heads up from their tunnels at SeaQuest Folsom

I loved that we were able to see lots of different animals from both the land and sea. From fish to pigs to otters SeaQuest had it all. It was also pretty amazing that many of their animals were rescues. I think it is so valuable to be able to get them rehabilitated and also sharing their stories with people to help better protect them in the future. I am such an animal lover, I can't even watch them hurt each other on National Geographic, so I really appreciated knowing they are being cared for here. 

Here are some more amazing moments from our tour that I hope you will love as much as we did and that they will inspire you to visit Seaquest soon!

Colorful fish and coral at SeaQuest Folsom

Father showing daughter a small turtle at SeaQuest Folsom

Green frog at SeaQuest Folsom

Colorful Ko Fish swimming at SeaQuest Folsom

Yellow Puffer fish swimming at SeaQuest Folsom

Woman feeding colorful fish seaweed at SeaQuest Folsom

Colorful stripped fish at SeaQuest Folsom

A seemingly happy and smiling stingray at SeaQuest Folsom

Man feeding a tank of various stingrays small fish at SeaQuest Folsom

A mother, father and child taking a photo in the mermaid seashell photo op at SeaQuest Folsom

The last thing I want to highlight is that you can do a few different types of animal encounters if you wish. They offer experiences with sea otters, sloths and even snorkeling with the stingrays! I also saw a pretty rad birthday party going on while we were there so I will definitely be keeping this place in mind for our daughter's birthdays. For more information about the animals, tickets, and experiences, be sure to check out their website:

Our family kindly thanks SeaQuest Folsom for hosting us for an amazing afternoon of adventure, learning, and memory-making. We had a wonderful time and cannot wait to visit again real soon! For those of you that have been or hope to go, please be sure to share your favorite animal in the comments below. I would love to know more about the creatures that interest you!

A mother, father and daughter standing at the entrance to SeaQuest Folsom

Disclaimer: My family received complimentary tickets in exchange for my honest opinion. Although we were able to enjoy this benefit by collaborating with our friends at SeaQuest, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. 

Dressing Up AND Down

I know what you are probably thinking when you see these photos... my hair doesn't look like this right now so these are probably old. Well, you are so very right! I didn't get around to posting these last year once pregnancy had me down at the porcelain telephone my whole first trimester. Now that I am slowly bouncing back and I have actually been able to fit into these pants again, I am celebrating by sharing this semi-casual look I put together.

I am always one for recycling my clothes and using them in a variety of styles. I don't like to be too wasteful with any of my shopping and really appreciate when something can be used for both work and play. I hope you find some inspiration in this ensemble to do the same!


Photography by K. Standal Studios

Your turn now my friends, how would you recreate this semi-causal look to fit into your personal style? Maybe change up the color scheme or make it dressier or less dressy? I want to know everything about your vision in the comments below! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week and I look forward to continuing to share more with you along this journey we call life. Take care!

Treat Mom to Brunch Skewers for Mother's Day

After many, many hard years of trying for a child, our little angel has finally come into our lives and made us parents! We have had every wave of emotions over these past few months, but with each moment we know we are beyond blessed to have started such an amazing little family. I am excited to say that this year, my very first Mother's Day will fall on my birthday! I can't believe it! I have so much to celebrate on this upcoming day and it couldn't be more amazing that I get to celebrate both at once. It is going to be my best birthday ever and I am so fortunate to say that I already have everything I could want and need ;).

While my little one can't make me sweet macaroni necklaces or breakfast in bed for either celebration just yet, I don't want that to stop you from spoiling your favorite mommies on this holiday with my darling, easy and festive brunch skewers! I am a huge fan of things on a stick like corn dogs or cake pops, so I figured brunch would best be had on a stick as well... especially to make it party friendly. I am going to share a few combinations I came up with for a yummy brunch, but if you really let your creative foodie spirits fly the possibilities are really endless here!

Mother's Day Brunch Skewers

French Toast & Strawberries

French toast is one of my all-time favorite breakfast foods. It goes so great with so many things and really makes it okay to have dessert for breakfast, I mean it is made with egg so it has protein in it, too! In order to create the cutest little skewers and also make your party preparation super-easy, I used the frozen Eggo Cinnamon Toast Waffles and toasted them in my toaster oven. To make the heart strawberries, simply cut strawberries in half and use a heart cookie cutter in the center of each half. I layered them on the skewers in an alternating pattern.

Chicken & Waffles

I originally moved to California from Georgia, so I love my southern staples like chicken and waffles. There is just something special about that sweet and savory combination, especially when brunching. It really does make you feel like you are having breakfast and lunch at the same time. Oh em geeeee! For this cute combination, I made mini chocolate chip waffles in my waffle maker and then used a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut out heart patterns for the skewers. For the chicken, I used some frozen chicken strips baked up to crispy perfection. I layered this skewer with the waffle in the middle and strips surrounding them.

Pancakes & Blueberries

I made some quick and thick pancake batter for these next skewers and added in blueberries. To make them mini, I simply added a very small amount of batter for each little baby pancake so they wouldn't spread out too much. You could add in other fruits or even try other delicious combos like bananas and peanut butter. I added more blueberries to the skewers and created an alternating pattern for the final look. Other fruits would also look great surrounding these sweet little cakes!

Egg & Tomato Toast

Now I know I said the other combinations were special to me in some way, but this one is egg-ceptionally special to me! My grandma used to make me toasted egg, tomato and mayo sandwiches for breakfast all the time. It was such a simple thing, but I always remember it being something so delicious and comforting anytime I was at her house. Since a sandwich on a skewer might be a little messy, I decided to toast the bread and throw on the mayo, add on little cherry tomatoes and a halved hard-boiled egg. All the deliciousness of the combination, way less mess on a stick!

Sausage & Biscuits 

This is another southern staple of mine and reminds me of this little place in my small town that only served breakfast sandwiches. I usually got sausage on my fluffy and buttery biscuit and would also squeeze on some mustard! I got the love for mustard on my sausage patties from my mom and that makes it even more perfect for a Mother's Day brunch skewer, right? For these skewers, I made little mini biscuits by using a cup to make a smaller round from the pre-made biscuits. I also used a cup to cut the sausage patties into smaller circles for the skewers and then layered them up. You will want to save the leftover biscuit dough for the final skewer!

Mini Sprinkled Donut Holes

Another thing my mom taught me growing up was a simple way to make donuts! Simply open up some pre-made biscuits and use a little shot glass to make a hole in the middle and voila, you have prepared donut and donut hole dough ready to fry up! Since there will be leftover dough from making the biscuits, go ahead and use that dough with a small shot glass to create rounds of dough. Fry them in oil until they are a light brown on all sides and drain on a paper towel. To make the icing, mix about a cup of powdered sugar with a teaspoon of vanilla and a few tablespoons of milk. Mix thoroughly until there are no clumps and the icing is slightly thick, but still runny. Dip each donut hole in the icing and top with sprinkles. Set aside to dry and set before adding them to your skewers.

You can easily make these skewers unique and special for each of your guests by having a variety of toppings and sauces on hand like sprinkles, whipped cream, syrup, hot sauce, ranch, peanut butter, jelly...the list goes on! You will know exactly what to do as you prepare, and when all else fails just put out what you have on hand (no one will know). If you have any other wonderful treats or traditions you celebrate on this special day, be sure to leave me a note in the comments so I can try them out next year because I am still overjoyed to be celebrating and making new traditions for this holiday every year.

I hope you all enjoy these fantastic skewers and have the most amazing Mother's Day, whether you are being celebrated or celebrating those you love!